Twitter Goes Down Due To A Cascade Bug

Twitter was up and down on Thursday due to what the company’s labeled as a cascading bug, whose effect was felt all over the world. Users reported difficulties connecting to the site. However, Twitter engineers were quick to solve the issue by restoring to an earlier and more stable version of the site. The interruption was felt for about 2 hours.

Initially there were reports that Twitter had been hacked but this was quickly dismissed by the company’s vice president of engineering, Mr. Mazen. Twitter offered sincere apologies to all the affected users. Mr. Mazen continued to say that they worked on the problem as soon they discovered it. “Not how we wanted today to go. At approximately 9:00am PDT, we discovered that Twitter was inaccessible for all web users, and mobile clients were not showing new Tweets. We immediately began to investigate the issue and found that there was a cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components. This wasn’t due to a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today,” he wrote.

Twitter has a history of going down, especially due to increased traffic. This last happened in the New Year. Twitter has however improved on this area, dropping the tag of flaky reliability and the fail whale cartoon that was associated with the site when was on the down time. Twitter has invested a lot in the service, leading to better stability in the recent past. They have achieved high scores for site reliability and stability, reaching even 99% in the past six months.

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Google Launches Project to Save Endangered Languages

Google has come up with a project to save on the world languages that are facing extinction. It is estimated that 3000 languages are on the verge of extinction by the turn of the century. What Google does is that they have launched the endangered languages project, on which they have partnered with the alliance for linguistic diversity. They have a project website where people can learn about the languages facing extinction and contribute to the documentation that will help in saving them.

The number of languages lost all over the world is disturbing, as almost all the countries have lost at least one language. One such language that was thought to be extinct was the Miami-Illinois language. Its last fluent speakers died in the 60’s. This language was spoken widely in the American mid-west. However, Daryl Baldwin began teaching himself the language through historical manuscripts. His work proved to be very successful as this language is now almost fully revitalized. He works with the Miami University, where they are still working on publishing stories and articles that will be read by all interested people. The best thing is that children are being taught the language. This will ensure that it is passed on to the future generations to keep it forever.

The loss of a whole language signifies a loss in the cultural diversity and some scientific information. Technology can play a major part in preserving these languages and thus, preserving our cultural diversity. Google, having to facilitate this process, shows how they are concerned they are. This can only be a good thing! Well done Google!

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Blackberry new device won’t have physical keyboard

Research in Motion has developed a new operating system in light of the competition they have experienced from Samsung and Apple. The first Blackberry device running on this operating system will not have the physical keyboard as the norm in all blackberry devices. This however will be included in the later devices.

The new Blackberry device will be offered in the market later in the year. This touch screen feature will be in line with smartphones in the market which are offering full touch screen devices. The Samsung and Apple devices do not have a physical keyboard and are fully touchscreen.

However, this development has not gone down well, with many corporate users who have claimed that they have stuck with Blackberry because of the physical keyboard. There is a perception that typing on the touch screen is harder than the touch devices. This situation has led Blackberry in a hard position, as they fear that Apple is making wide in roads into the corporate market previously held by them. This has led many analysts to wonder how Blackberry would relinquish their strength. They would have continued with the physical keyboard as it separated them from the competitors.

Blackberry have failed to keep up with the Android and iOS system, due to failing to adapt and coming up with improvements on the own phone and having what consumers really want. These include the ultimate multimedia experience, internet browsing and an operating system that can support as many apps as possible. This has led to Blackberry having to lay down some employees and the company’s stock falling.

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Windows Phone 8 Will Not Run On Existing Phones

Windows Phone 8 is coming very soon. The bad thing is that the new operating system will not run on all existing Windows Phones. The smartphone operating system was launched earlier on this week.

This new development will lead to reduced sales of the existing window phones. This is expected to be a problem to Nokia, as it has been making the Lumia smartphones running the windows operating system. However this operating system is expected to be upgraded to Windows 7.5. The sales will definitely reduce, as new buyers will seek to wait and have the Windows Phone 8 when they are eventually released. This will adversely affect Nokia’s revenues, as they are heavily relying on the Windows Phones to shore up their profits. Nokia, just like Blackberry, have faced a lot of competition from Samsung and Apple in the smartphones market.

The reason that will make the existing phones not upgradable to the Windows 8 is that they run single core processors. Microsoft wants the Windows 8 to run on multi core processors and also on devices that have a superior screen resolution so as to support a wide range of gaming and video applications.

The new Windows 8 platform will not be exclusive for Nokia but will also be used by Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei. The Windows 8 operating system will be at the same level with android and iOS systems. What will be an addition to the Windows Phone 8 will be an expandable memory card since the other smartphones do not have the SD slots.

Would you buy the new Windows Phone 8 now that Windows 8 are coming?

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The New MacBook Pro Review

The new Apple 15-inch notebook has just been released. It is thinner than the previous models of the Macbook and also has some advanced features.

To start with, it has a very powerful 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor. It has 8GB of RAM and a 8 GB hard drive. These are the most advanced specifications in the market today and all of them packed onto one notebook are really amazing. Some additional features: two 3.0 USB ports and also two thunderbolt bolts. In addition to this, it also has retina display, which really makes images appear clearer. It goes for $2199, but it is worth every penny you spend acquiring it.

The new Macbook pro is 0.71 inches thick and the keyboard is shallower than the previous versions. It also has a weight of 4.4 pounds lighter than the earlier versions by more than a pound. However, it is still heavier than the 13 inch Macbook air model.

The best feature of this new Macbook pro is not the power that Apple have managed to pack inside the small machine,but the retina display. The 15 inch screen has reviewers and other tech gizmos saying it is something they have not experienced before. It makes everything on the screen look sharper and can support more apps designed for it. The pixels in this new MacBook pro are five times more than those in the previous version. The only down side on the screen and the resolution is the brightness, which is lower compared to the other model.

This new MacBook pro is a super powerful, super thin and super light notebook and a must have. Their cost sounds expensive, but with these entire features it can’t come cheaper.

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Google acquires Meebo

Google has just bought the social platform Meebo. These information has been confirmed by the company itself. In its blog we can see the following details: “Together with Google, we’re super jazzed to roll up our sleeves and get cracking on even bigger and better ways to help users and website owners alike”

Meebo is a social media browser-based instant messaging service. The social site has grown so as to include the Meebo toolbar, which enables users within a website to chat and also allows for sharing of content easily. The Meebo Company had also developed an ad platform.

It is said that Google has bought the company at around $100 million. Google however realizes the benefit it will draw from the expertise that the people at Meebo will be bringing to them. And this, especially as they try to establish and market their own social media site, the Google+. It is rumored that Google will lay off all employees of Meebo who do not hold any strategic importance to them. This includes the people in the sales and marketing departments. Only the product team will be retained in the new set up. This might mean Google has an idea of coming up with a new Google+ toolbar.

The acquisition of Meebo by Google does show that the company is ready to put on some efforts and resources in developing its social media platform and how users share content. What a better way to do that rather than acquiring an already established platform with over 100 million users.

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Microsoft coming up with a new touch screen product?

There are rumors doing round that Microsoft is about to come up with a new touch screen media or gaming technology. These rumors have been fueled by the recent acquisition of a host of domain names by some Microsoft employees. The domain names are related to Smart Glass. The reason the company is buying out the domain names related to smear glass is to prevent some other people from buying the domain names related to what they want to come up with. These people are known as squatters who overcloud a name related to a domain name.

Microsoft has managed to keep at the moment everyone guessing on what they want to come up with. There are some people claiming that Microsoft wants to counter the upcoming Nintendo’s Wii U tablet controller. There is another group saying that they want to come up with something that will make TV screens more interactive. This is rumored to be done in conjunction with motion sense tech kinect.

It is noted that Microsoft bought these domains on the same day that news of Xbot Smart Glass release leaked into the market. The Smart Glass would enable people to access their Xbox from distance and also get iOS airplay, like sharing on the TV. These and many more functions for the Xbot.

Nintendo is also planning on bringing up the Wii U console live stream a few days earlier than the expected date to give the eager gaming community something to cheer on, before it is finally released. However, the name of the game console has not been received well by the public with people saying that they need to change the name to a better sounding one, something our sources tell us is being worked on.

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Apple and the latest iPhone rumours

The next iPhone is yet to be released, although there are rumors for it all over the technology world. Apple normally releases a new iPhone after every twelve months, except for the iPhone 4S which was unveiled after about 16 months. If the trend is kept then we should expect the iPhone around the month of October.

Many people all over the world love an Apple product and that’s why every rumor is received with a lot of excitement and expectations.

Besides that, the company has another tradition of releasing products after some specific time; they are so secretive that no one really knows what they are going to do next. Their secrecy is legendary. It was introduced and cultivated by Steve Jobs, while he was the CEO of Apple. In fact, even the workers will not even reveal the slightest of hints about the new products. That’s why when they introduce a new product it is received with a lot of excitement.

The rumors and leaks about the next iPhone just serve to increase the hype and when it eventually comes out people will mill around the Apple shops to get hold of it.

Some of the rumors claim the upcoming iPhone will be longer and thinner than the previous model, retaining the iPhone 4S design. The display is rumored that will be increased to 4 inches and the resolution will be of 1136 by 640. These are some of the most sensible improvements that Apple is working on. However, some rumors are just way off the mark. Some of these are a 3D camera, a teardrop design and inductive charging. Though these might be possible in the future, it is too early to expect them to be on the iPhone 5!

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Google Wins Case with Oracle

Google has won a case put forward by Oracle on the open source Java software. Oracle had argued that Google had infringed on the Java patents, in coming up with the application programming interfaces used in the Android-run smartphones. Oracle is the maintainer of the Java programming language and also the organizer of the open source software. It claimed almost a billion dollars from Google as restitution. However, the court found out that Google had not infringed on the two patents that Oracle claimed. The court said that the particular elements that Google has replicated were open source and thus required no licensing. Google had copied nine lines of code from Java.

The court was quick to warn that the ruling does not mean that Oracle patented products could be copied without licensing. This will be stealing the products and may lead to prosecution. Some techniques however can be copied, since techniques are not copyrightable. This did not go down well with Oracle who has vowed to appeal the decision, saying that the use of its open source Java by Google was beyond fair use. The company continues to state that it will be committed in protecting Java first as a valuable development platform and secondly as an intellectual property asset.

The whole issue revolves round the deployment of the Java APIs in the building of the popular Android. Google used the APIs to create a customized Java. This was to enable the mobile devices to run many applications on the Internet at the same time.

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Google Chrome OS Gets Stronger

Samsung has released the new Google Chrome devices, the Chromebook laptop and the chromebox desktop. This has been heavily influenced by the performance problems that the browser-based operating system suffered while running on other devices.

The new devices are good for people who spend more time on the Google cloud. Getting the Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google docs, Google drive, and the rest will be easier with these devices. The issue of speed nowadays is very important in the marketing of any mobile or computer device. Google has realized this and is continuously working on having the fastest hardware that they can offer.

However, the Chromebook and the Chrome box are not up to scratch yet. They cannot support a number of software such as Skype, Photoshop iTunes among others. This really limits the user in terms of what they can do. Even if the speed improves, without being compatible with useful software, it becomes non appealing to the consumers.

Google on the other hand, appreciates that the new Chrome OS-driven devices are not for everybody, but for a certain targeted niche that realizes the advantages of them. In fact Google did not advertise the first generation Chromebooks, opting for consumers to find them by themselves. They have however decided to market the new devices and try to put across the advantages to the consumers. Google and partners such as Samsung are working on connecting the Android phones with the Chromebooks. This will make sure that Android lovers will be more comfortable with the Chrome run devices rather than the Windows or Mac machine.

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