VIZR: Use Your Smartphone as Display While Driving


Never text while driving – but what’s to stop you from turning your smartphone into the ultimate cool gadget as a display while driving? VIZR turns what could be a dangerous object in the driver’s hands to something which could make navigating easier and the ride safer. VIZR turns your smartphone into a Heads-On Display and works on all vehicles. By using your smartphone as the ultimate hands-free display, you can navigate with GPS technology, check maps, keep updated on traffic, check your driving statistics (including speed) and be alerted on your ETA without ever taking your eyes off the road.

VIZR installs easily with no need for wires and complicated installation. Unboxing to installing on your dashboard and driving sans distractions, takes just about a minute! There is no steep learning curve but you need to be familiar with the apps you install. The universal design adapts to all types of cars and sizes and is extremely easy to use. Using smart technology, VIZR allows you to use your phone features hands-free. Even those with in-car navigation systems eventually find these older systems obsolete and “unsafe” compared to the VIZR-smartphone tandem.

The VIZR retails at $39.99 – a cheap price to pay to see absolutely better at night. The display is more like a cockpit and you can see curbs, sharp turns and even changes in elevation graphically. It is pretty amazing form what you can see in this video from FIXD:

The VIZR turns your smartphone into a transparent screen with all the necessary information to identify routes and traffic conditions to make the trip faster, safer, and more fun. Other apps like ones diagnosing your car’s condition and maps can also be pulled up without breaking your concentration.

The caveat is that though it’s been said to attach well to your vehicle regardless of shape or size, there are reports that it slips. So before taking a long trip, it is best to test-drive and check if the apps you’ve installed are working properly and that the VIZR’s grip is secure. Check the phone’s memory too since you may have many apps running simultaneously. It’s made of plastic and being dashboard mounted may reduce a bit of visibility but overall, it does what it’s supposed to do. For those who struggle with visibility and navigation, it is the perfect affordable budget gadget. But for those who are familiar with routes like the back of their hand, this is one gadget you can live without.