Google Launches Project to Save Endangered Languages


Google has come up with a project to save on the world languages that are facing extinction. It is estimated that 3000 languages are on the verge of extinction by the turn of the century. What Google does is that they have launched the endangered languages project, on which they have partnered with the alliance for linguistic diversity. They have a project website where people can learn about the languages facing extinction and contribute to the documentation that will help in saving them.

The number of languages lost all over the world is disturbing, as almost all the countries have lost at least one language. One such language that was thought to be extinct was the Miami-Illinois language. Its last fluent speakers died in the 60’s. This language was spoken widely in the American mid-west. However, Daryl Baldwin began teaching himself the language through historical manuscripts. His work proved to be very successful as this language is now almost fully revitalized. He works with the Miami University, where they are still working on publishing stories and articles that will be read by all interested people. The best thing is that children are being taught the language. This will ensure that it is passed on to the future generations to keep it forever.

The loss of a whole language signifies a loss in the cultural diversity and some scientific information. Technology can play a major part in preserving these languages and thus, preserving our cultural diversity. Google, having to facilitate this process, shows how they are concerned they are. This can only be a good thing! Well done Google!

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