Google Chrome OS Gets Stronger


chromebook Samsung has released the new Google Chrome devices, the Chromebook laptop and the chromebox desktop. This has been heavily influenced by the performance problems that the browser-based operating system suffered while running on other devices.

The new devices are good for people who spend more time on the Google cloud. Getting the Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google docs, Google drive, and the rest will be easier with these devices. The issue of speed nowadays is very important in the marketing of any mobile or computer device. Google has realized this and is continuously working on having the fastest hardware that they can offer.

However, the Chromebook and the Chrome box are not up to scratch yet. They cannot support a number of software such as Skype, Photoshop iTunes among others. This really limits the user in terms of what they can do. Even if the speed improves, without being compatible with useful software, it becomes non appealing to the consumers.

Google on the other hand, appreciates that the new Chrome OS-driven devices are not for everybody, but for a certain targeted niche that realizes the advantages of them. In fact Google did not advertise the first generation Chromebooks, opting for consumers to find them by themselves. They have however decided to market the new devices and try to put across the advantages to the consumers. Google and partners such as Samsung are working on connecting the Android phones with the Chromebooks. This will make sure that Android lovers will be more comfortable with the Chrome run devices rather than the Windows or Mac machine.

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