Windows Phone 8 Will Not Run On Existing Phones


Windows Phone 8 is coming very soon. The bad thing is that the new operating system will not run on all existing Windows Phones. The smartphone operating system was launched earlier on this week.

This new development will lead to reduced sales of the existing window phones. This is expected to be a problem to Nokia, as it has been making the Lumia smartphones running the windows operating system. However this operating system is expected to be upgraded to Windows 7.5. The sales will definitely reduce, as new buyers will seek to wait and have the Windows Phone 8 when they are eventually released. This will adversely affect Nokia’s revenues, as they are heavily relying on the Windows Phones to shore up their profits. Nokia, just like Blackberry, have faced a lot of competition from Samsung and Apple in the smartphones market.

The reason that will make the existing phones not upgradable to the Windows 8 is that they run single core processors. Microsoft wants the Windows 8 to run on multi core processors and also on devices that have a superior screen resolution so as to support a wide range of gaming and video applications.

The new Windows 8 platform will not be exclusive for Nokia but will also be used by Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei. The Windows 8 operating system will be at the same level with android and iOS systems. What will be an addition to the Windows Phone 8 will be an expandable memory card since the other smartphones do not have the SD slots.

Would you buy the new Windows Phone 8 now that Windows 8 are coming?

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