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#1 Introducing IGTV, Pokemon GO Trading & Friends and PUBG Event Pass

Tune in for the latest trending news in tech, gadgets and gaming. We search the web for only the newest and coolest news to share with you, even if you're on the go! Listen NowShow...

PUBG To Debut Event Pass, But Will It Work?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nvfem0prug?rel=0&controls=0]Ever since Battle Royale came out (you can thank Minecraft for the idea from the many hunger game mods that tested out this idea), gaming corporations have looked to capitalize on the market...

Why Hardcore Gaming Phones Are So Popular

Why Are Hardcore Gaming Phones So Popular? Why are hardcore gaming phones the in thing today?  These are very popular among those who love to play games on their devices.  So why are they so...

Electricity Saving Sticker From EVASave

Sticker That Is Saves Electricity From EVASave Finally, an electricity saving sticker from EVASave.  Seeing your electric consumption going up each month gives you headaches.Despite of the fact that you do your best to save...
Instagram Story

No Screenshot Notifications For Your Instagram Stories

Instagram has stopped testing the screenshot notification for when users take a screenshot of your Story. Back in February, the world got spooked. Not because of some natural disaster or a violent war. It was...
google translate app

Use Google Translate App Offline

Translate App From Google May Be Used Offline Google's Translate app may be used offline.  Search giant Google has a new update for its Google Translate app.  The new update will enable translation even is...
iPhone 3GS

The 2009 iPhone 3GS Is Back and Its Only $40!

At least is South Korea, that is.The iPhone 3GS was first unveiled in June 2009 (I feel so old now) and was discontinued in 2012. Now, it will be made available in South Korea...
Nintendo Switch

Will Nintendo Switch Soon Have Loot Boxes?

Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime thinks loot boxes aren't that bad.At the recent E3, Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime discussed several topics including loot boxes. These micro-transactions are recently being seen in a not-so-favourable manner...

The All-Screen Vivo Nex Hands On

Vivo Nex Hands On To The All-Screen Future Welcome to the all screen future of the ViVo Nex Hands On.  Many of us have been waiting for the coming of this feature on our smartphones.The long...
Microsoft Cashier-less Shops

Microsoft Takes On Amazon With Its Own Cashier-less Stores

Amazon may soon be facing some competition from Microsoft who's reportedly developing tech for cashier-less shopping.Microsoft is reportedly developing a technology that track what items people pick up while shopping. Sound's familiar? Does Amazon Go...

Valve Updates Steam Chat To Compete With Discord

Steam Chat Updated By Valve To Compete With Discord Valve is set to compete with Discord by updating Steam Chat.  The most common choice for game-related communications is Discord.  It has risen among the ranks...

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