Blackberry new device won’t have physical keyboard


Research in Motion has developed a new operating system in light of the competition they have experienced from Samsung and Apple. The first Blackberry device running on this operating system will not have the physical keyboard as the norm in all blackberry devices. This however will be included in the later devices.

The new Blackberry device will be offered in the market later in the year. This touch screen feature will be in line with smartphones in the market which are offering full touch screen devices. The Samsung and Apple devices do not have a physical keyboard and are fully touchscreen.

However, this development has not gone down well, with many corporate users who have claimed that they have stuck with Blackberry because of the physical keyboard. There is a perception that typing on the touch screen is harder than the touch devices. This situation has led Blackberry in a hard position, as they fear that Apple is making wide in roads into the corporate market previously held by them. This has led many analysts to wonder how Blackberry would relinquish their strength. They would have continued with the physical keyboard as it separated them from the competitors.

Blackberry have failed to keep up with the Android and iOS system, due to failing to adapt and coming up with improvements on the own phone and having what consumers really want. These include the ultimate multimedia experience, internet browsing and an operating system that can support as many apps as possible. This has led to Blackberry having to lay down some employees and the company’s stock falling.

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