Microsoft coming up with a new touch screen product?


There are rumors doing round that Microsoft is about to come up with a new touch screen media or gaming technology. These rumors have been fueled by the recent acquisition of a host of domain names by some Microsoft employees. The domain names are related to Smart Glass. The reason the company is buying out the domain names related to smear glass is to prevent some other people from buying the domain names related to what they want to come up with. These people are known as squatters who overcloud a name related to a domain name.

Microsoft has managed to keep at the moment everyone guessing on what they want to come up with. There are some people claiming that Microsoft wants to counter the upcoming Nintendo’s Wii U tablet controller. There is another group saying that they want to come up with something that will make TV screens more interactive. This is rumored to be done in conjunction with motion sense tech kinect.

It is noted that Microsoft bought these domains on the same day that news of Xbot Smart Glass release leaked into the market. The Smart Glass would enable people to access their Xbox from distance and also get iOS airplay, like sharing on the TV. These and many more functions for the Xbot.

Nintendo is also planning on bringing up the Wii U console live stream a few days earlier than the expected date to give the eager gaming community something to cheer on, before it is finally released. However, the name of the game console has not been received well by the public with people saying that they need to change the name to a better sounding one, something our sources tell us is being worked on.

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