The New MacBook Pro Review


The new Apple 15-inch notebook has just been released. It is thinner than the previous models of the Macbook and also has some advanced features.

To start with, it has a very powerful 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor. It has 8GB of RAM and a 8 GB hard drive. These are the most advanced specifications in the market today and all of them packed onto one notebook are really amazing. Some additional features: two 3.0 USB ports and also two thunderbolt bolts. In addition to this, it also has retina display, which really makes images appear clearer. It goes for $2199, but it is worth every penny you spend acquiring it.

The new Macbook pro is 0.71 inches thick and the keyboard is shallower than the previous versions. It also has a weight of 4.4 pounds lighter than the earlier versions by more than a pound. However, it is still heavier than the 13 inch Macbook air model.

The best feature of this new Macbook pro is not the power that Apple have managed to pack inside the small machine,but the retina display. The 15 inch screen has reviewers and other tech gizmos saying it is something they have not experienced before. It makes everything on the screen look sharper and can support more apps designed for it. The pixels in this new MacBook pro are five times more than those in the previous version. The only down side on the screen and the resolution is the brightness, which is lower compared to the other model.

This new MacBook pro is a super powerful, super thin and super light notebook and a must have. Their cost sounds expensive, but with these entire features it can’t come cheaper.

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