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Since 2008 we’ve been providing some of the best news content in the tech industry. We’ve broken some amazing discoveries (see here, here and here); covered some of the biggest releases of the year and generated buzz for our thousands of social media followers.

Currently we offer ads through Media.Net. However, if you feel your company stands apart from the crowd, we should talk. We work with very specific partners and if we are interested in what you have to offer our audience, here are some of the ad choices currently available:

  • Sitewide Banner Ads (Header, Sidebar, Footer, Background)
  • Sponsored Posts (certain restrictions apply)
  • Product Reviews (Gadgets, Software, Video Games)
  • Podcast Sponsorship (pre-, post, and mid-roll host read ads)
  • Social Media Blast (Promotional campaign across all our social media profiles)
  • Paid Product Placement (On our YouTube, Facebook and Twitch videos)

What Makes Our Audience Unique

Most of our audience comes from 3 countries (USA, UK and the Philippines respectively). They are predominantly male between the ages of 15-34. They are interested in learning about the latest tech news, buying the best gadget and playing the next coolest video game with their friends. While their tastes may vary between Apple and Google, all are passionate about their gear and what they know and share with their friends.

Our audience also knows that we carefully select our advertising partners and rarely push spam that they don’t want for the sake of filling our pockets. We’re not with any advertising networks, nor do we plan to be. We value our audience and all the information we provide them, including ads.

Are you an advertiser we can trust?

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