TechNewsGadget is the brainchild of Taylor Marek. He has always had an eye for the tech world, perhaps that is why everyone calls him a geek? As a typical geeks are prone to do, he is the IT support guy for many people who rely on his expertise to fix the never ending programs/ hardware that breaks. Now you can have access to that knowledge and find out all the little tech news and tips that he has spent years researching and reporting on.

We are humbled that you are even here. We sincerely hope you find this website a valuable resource and would appreciate any feedback you may have.

What makes this site different?

We’re one of the only tech news sites you will find that is driven by a vision statement. That vision is,

To regularly provide you with amazing tech news that you A) won’t find anywhere else and B) demands virality.

From beginning to end, if we don’t find something awesome then we will keep looking. If you don’t think it’s awesome enough, we will search harder.

We also like to keep it simple. Not too fancy, not too dull, but just the right amount of awesome.

From all of us at the TechNewsGadget Headquarters,

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