Who Are We?

We’re an eclectic group of passionate individuals who love tech. We spend hours pouring over press releases, articles, videos, podcasts and more to find the best news to share. Whether its tech, gadget or gaming related, we’re looking for the latest so that you don’t have to!

Why TechNewsGadget?

Let’s be honest. You just want tech news with no fluff and doesn’t take long to find. That’s actually our goal here, to get you just the news in the shortest amount of time. Why spend hours wading through promotional sales posts on CNET or falling down endless rabbit trails of non-tech news that Mashable vomits out for the sake of eyeballs and ad revenue? It’s time for something better.

What Do We Cover?

Since 2006, through our articles and podcasts, we have been covering the latest tech discoveries, gadgets and gaming news. Below is a partial list of what we like to report on, split into categories and genres:

  • Technology
    • New Scientific Discoveries
    • Space Exploration
    • Emerging Tech
  • Gadget News
    • Computers, including desktop and laptop (Casual, Professional, Gamer)
    • Smartphones (Android, iOS)
    • Internet
    • Peripherals (Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, Other)
    • Virtual Reality
  • Video Gaming News
    • Popular Esports (League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty)
    • Upcoming Video Games
    • Video Game Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)
    • Game Genres
      • Action
        • Shooter
        • Survival
        • Battle Royale
      • Role-Playing
        • Action RPG
        • MMORPG
        • Sandbox/Open World RPG
      • Strategy
        • MOBA
      • MMO