Apple and the latest iPhone rumours


The next iPhone is yet to be released, although there are rumors for it all over the technology world. Apple normally releases a new iPhone after every twelve months, except for the iPhone 4S which was unveiled after about 16 months. If the trend is kept then we should expect the iPhone around the month of October.

Many people all over the world love an Apple product and that’s why every rumor is received with a lot of excitement and expectations.

Besides that, the company has another tradition of releasing products after some specific time; they are so secretive that no one really knows what they are going to do next. Their secrecy is legendary. It was introduced and cultivated by Steve Jobs, while he was the CEO of Apple. In fact, even the workers will not even reveal the slightest of hints about the new products. That’s why when they introduce a new product it is received with a lot of excitement.

The rumors and leaks about the next iPhone just serve to increase the hype and when it eventually comes out people will mill around the Apple shops to get hold of it.

Some of the rumors claim the upcoming iPhone will be longer and thinner than the previous model, retaining the iPhone 4S design. The display is rumored that will be increased to 4 inches and the resolution will be of 1136 by 640. These are some of the most sensible improvements that Apple is working on. However, some rumors are just way off the mark. Some of these are a 3D camera, a teardrop design and inductive charging. Though these might be possible in the future, it is too early to expect them to be on the iPhone 5!

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