Editorial Staff

AhlinAhlin (1422)

Ahlin is a tech columnist who has written about a wide range of technology from high-end smartphones to driver-less cars and electronic diapers. She is a certified nerd and considers chocolate to be the smartest invention of mankind.

Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa (24)

Tereza Litsa is a blogger and a social media manager. She is passionate about technology and loves spending hours reading websites. You can find her at about.me/terezalitsa

John Sol CruzJohn Sol Cruz (92)

Tech for me is like shoes for women. I never go home from the mall without browsing the "Cyberzone" of the mall for the latest in gadgets and toys. There is always something new going on in the tech world these days, and I love reading and writing about it.

Taylor MarekTaylor Marek (56)

When it comes to tech, Taylor is right in the midst of it. If he isn't burning his hands on backburner projects, he's usually researching the latest tech news. Taylor is also the Editor in Chief.