Editorial Staff

avatar for AhleenAhleen (1643)

Ahleen is a tech columnist who has written about a wide range of technology from driver-less cars to electronic diapers. She is a certified nerd and considers chocolate to be the smartest invention of mankind.

avatar for John Sol CruzJohn Sol Cruz (92)

Tech for me is like shoes for women. I never go home from the mall without browsing the "Cyberzone" of the mall for the latest in gadgets and toys. There is always something new going on in the tech world these days, and I love reading and writing about it.

avatar for Tereza LitsaTereza Litsa (24)

Tereza Litsa is a blogger and a social media manager. She is passionate about technology and loves spending hours reading websites. You can find her at about.me/terezalitsa

avatar for Taylor MarekTaylor Marek (372)

From a young age, Taylor has been fascinated with technology and gadgets. Not only does he enjoy the latest video games, he also shares many other thoughts on his own website. Taylor is also the Editor in Chief.

avatar for Kris DeeKris Dee (494)

A techy geek who also has a passion for writing. Gadget trends are never out of her reach.

avatar for Mary ByronMary Byron (105)

Mary is a writer, researcher, and blogger. She was an educator, journalist, columnist and TV host. She was the president of the IT Schools Network and was a promoter of the BPO industry. She loves to cook, bake, paint and is passionate about living healthy the techie way.

avatar for Mart SambaludMart Sambalud (397)

Mart is part tech-savvy and part news junkie. He is a journalist by profession. Why? Because he loves to curate and write news that matter to people. A traveller by heart, an art and photography lover, too.