Xiaomi Announces Three New Flagship Phones Including iPhone X Copycat Mi 8

Xiaomi is back at it with iPhone clones, this time with its latest flagship phone, the Mi 8 handset.


There was no shortage of information on the Mi 8 leading up to its unveiling. And now the Chinese smartphone maker has finally officially announced the handphone along with two others.

While it’s very VERY difficult not to see how physically similar the Mi 8 is to the iPhone X, it also boasts some impressive qualities on its own.

Xiaomi’s flagship phone has a notch and rear camera positioning that’s almost indistinguishable from Apple’s. The Mi 8 also has a face unlock feature and a fingerprint scanner located on the rear of the phone.

And don’t forget the 3D AR emojis very similar to Apple’s Animojis! Xiaomi calls them Mi Meng and are able to capture up to 52 facial muscle movements.

As previously rumoured, the phone does actually run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It sports a 12-megapixel dual camera on the rear and a 20-megapixel front-facing camera. Additionally, it has a 6.12-inch Samsung OLED screen with the notch for the infrared camera and infrared illuminator for face unlock.

Xiaomi also unveiled the Mi 8 SE, the entry-level version of its flagship phone. It runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 chip and has a 5.88-inch Samsung AMOLED display.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. This is a step up from the Mi 8, offering three world’s first features. The phone comes with the first ever pressure sensitive in-screen fingerprint scanner. It also features 3D face unlock, a first for any Android phone. The Explorer Edition will also come with a transparent back panel, also a first of its kind.

Both the Mi 8 and the Mi 8 SE will start shipping in China this month for $420 and $280 respectively. The Explorer Edition will cost $575 but we will have to wait for the announcement on its availability.


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2019 iPhone Will Have Triple-lens Camera Setup and 3D Vision

Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu claims one iPhone model will come with three camera lenses.

(Image Credit: ZDNet)

If recent reports are to be believed, expect to see a triple-lens camera setup on next year’s iPhones. Apple is reportedly building a new iPhone model with three lenses to support 3D depth sensing and enhanced zoom.

The information comes from Taiwanese site Economic Daily News citing a research note from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu. According to Lu, AR imagery is a high probability of being the main specification of the iPhone in 2019.

A triple-lens camera setup will enable two of the sensors to capture images of an object from different angles. Also, a triangulation method is employed to get the distance between the iPhone and the object. This will improve the phone’s 3D sensing via stereo vision for augmented reality (AR).

Additionally, the third lens would have a longer focal length for enhanced zoom function. This could have an output of 3x optical zoom. To compare, the latest iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X has 2x optical zoom functions.

If this information is accurate, Apple would only be second to Huawei in having a triple-lens setup. The latter introduced its triple-lens rear camera with the Huawei P20 Pro.


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Xiaomi Mi 8 To Come With Apple-like Animojis

Xiaomi reveals the existence of custom emojis on the Mi 8 to rival Apple’s Animojis.

Just as previously reported, Xiaomi is set to unveil its latest flagship phone on its May 31st event. And recent updates reveal that the Chinese company has taken inspiration from the iPhone X’s Animojis.

The company, through its official Weibo account, posted an official teaser that shows a video of 3D AR emojis very similar to Apple’s. Characters like a panda, a fox, a pig, and Xiaomi’s official mascot singing the company’s flagship tune were featured. The video ends with a countdown for the May 31st event in China.

Additional leaks also give us more information regarding the upcoming flagship phone. Promo shots of the Mi 8 were posted on SlashLeaks. These were reportedly first seen from a Telegram group which features Xiaomi topics.

The image shows wide notch on the front with an bezel-less design and a significant bottom chin. You can also see a vertically stacked dual camera at the back together with a fingerprint sensor. It was previously rumoured that he Xiaomi Mi 8 will have an in-screen fingerprint sensor so that might not be the case.

Apart from the unveiling of the Mi 8, the company is also expected to launch the Mi Band 3. Lastly, Xiaomi is also set to announce the MIUI 10, it’s latest OS.


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Unreleased Gold iPhone X from Apple Revealed by FCC

FCC Reveals Apple’s Unreleased Gold iPhone X

Apple’s unreleased gold iPhone X has been revealed be FCC. A filing from Apple at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) show images of a yet to be released gold iPhone X.

The Gold iPhone X

The 180 days confidentiality period of the photos has now lapsed. Giving us a clear view of the new iPhone X with a glass back plate. It features the same gold tone as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus released in September. The stainless steel sides are also a shade of gold.

In an iPhone event last year, there were rumors that Apple was working on a gold iPhone X. But that color was never shown on stage. Apple was only left with two colors to choose from: space gray and white/silver. The company must have encountered problems with the gold one. But they will be giving it a try in a few months.

If Apple already revealed this color in the filing with FCC, we might not have seen these photos of a gold iPhone. We would not have experienced the rare opportunity of having a look at an unreleased Apple product.

The day the images arrived revealed an internal Apple memo with a stern warning against leaking confidential information. Apple itself made the misstep. They released the new red color for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. But there is no red option for the iPhone X.

Appearance At The Federal Communications Commission

It is not unusual for devices to be leaked in the FCC. Apple’s appearance at the FCC may mean two things. One, is that there really is a gold iPhone X coming. Or Two, the gold color was cancelled. There is evidence to support the latter. The FCC filing was created last August and submitted last September. Four days before the iPhone X was announced.

Of course there was no sign of the gold iPhone X last year. Rumors then was that Apple will be releasing a copper gold or a “blush gold” version o the iPhone X. But it never materialized. A phone leaker said that a blush gold iPhone was in production.

But the FCC’s leaked gold iPhone X was not the rumored blush gold iPhone X. It looks more like the gold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. With the exception of a gold polished stainless steel frame.

Huawei P20 Pro: Challenging Samsung S9 and iPhoneX as the Photo Fave

Huawei, undaunted by FBI’s disfavor is on a roll with its launch of the P20 Pro. Boasting of three rear cameras powered by no less than the granddaddy of all lenses, Leica, it takes on main competitors, Samsung 9 and iPhone X head-on. In side-by-side comparisons, the P20 Pro acquitted itself very well especially in low-light situations using 10-megapixel resolution.

The Huawei features more than two cameras whose combined images create more aesthetic-looking shots. It has an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, a 40-megapixel RGB color lens, and a 20-megapixel monochrome lens. Like other high-end smartphones, it has auto-focus and flash but this time, using different sensors to give better, truer, and more vibrant results. It has 5x Hybrid zoom made possible by Leica technology allowing you to take incredible details from a distance. And for those who prefer shooting naturally in low-light situations, your wish has been granted. The Huawei P20 Pro takes exceedingly great images by using extended exposures that allow more light to enter the lens so your captured images are more of what your eye truly sees. Color true, day and night.

Using the Pixel Fusion technology, more light enters the lenses for brighter and sharper images. It may sound complex but all 3 cameras are used simultaneously – but at different capacities and never at its maximum level. It means that you can zoom in closer, take stable pictures without using a tripod (even at night), take slow-motion video, and stunning portrait-mode shots with full control. Huawei P20 Pro has many AI-driven scene recognition modes and predictive 4D auto-focus modes giving you many options when taking artistic and motion shots. The three rear camera feature has proven so impressive and rumor has it that Apple will soon come out with a similar feature.

When tested alongside other smartphones using many applications that are battery-draining like games, taking videos, and editing, the Huawei P20 outdid its competitors. it retained decent battery-life after five hours of vigorous testing. Regular users can expect the P20 Pro’s 4,000 mAh battery to last two days on a single charge.

Retailing at $800, it is not yet available in the U.S. (although you can import it) and does not feature wireless charging; but the latter is a minor inconvenience in the light of many heavy-weight advantages. The smart design, advanced software,  6.1-inch OLED (2,240 x 1,080 pixel) screen, superior lens, and long battery life are the pinnacle of the incremental improvements that this Chinese brand has been making over the years. The evolution of becoming a contender for smartphone supremacy was largely due to its strides in using AI and advanced chips technology – and it’s not about to stop.

Photo from Huawei


Apple iOS: How iOS 12 Would Make iPhone X better?

If you are an Apple fan, then certainly you are also a fan of iPhone X. It cannot be denied that Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. In fact, we have seen how Apple has changed the phone’s design and features over time. Now with iOS 12, how would it make iPhone X better?



What’s amazing with Apple iPhone X is that you don’t need a home button. This means that any Apple users can navigate the phone using new gestures. And of course, the iPhone X’s famous “notch” which is located at the top of the handset’s display. The notch is what makes the handset unique compared to other rival smartphones in the market.



While iPhone X has the design sophistication, iPhone users are looking forward that the bugs found in the previous iOS could fix the flaws spotted by the users. One thing about the company’s latest handset is that Apple has removed the Touch ID.


So to sum it up, here are some things which we thing needs to be improved with iOS 12. We have curated these things for you to know that major issues in iOS 12. In case you don’t know, Apple is slated to unveil the stable iOS 12 come June 4 during the WWDC 2018.


Grouped notifications, improved widgets



Notification in Apple’s iOS is actually one of the major issues for many of the iPhone users. In short, the notification system in Apple’s iOS needs a major revamp. We have discussed this previously, and for the benefit of those who are still clueless yet, it’s Apple’s way of displaying the notification. Apple users blamed this to the way Apple displays the notifications which are in chronological order.



While Apple’s notification system seems a failure for some, the company’s widget in iOS, however, is useful for some Apple users. But this can be improved a lot, under the iOS 12, Apple has given developers an opportunity to create widgets. These widgets are visible if Apple user touches the 3D touch app icon. By doing so, users can actually access several key information and features without actually opening the app.

Report: Apple May Introduce A Red iPhone 8 Tomorrow

The tech-giant may introduce a red-colored iPhone 8 in partnership with RED, an organization that raises awareness about HIV/AIDS.

It was around this time last year that Apple introduced the red iPhone 7 dubbed the RED Special Edition iPhone. The product was launched in partnership with RED, an advocacy group that raises awareness about AIDS/HIV in African countries.

Now, reports are abuzz about a red version of the iPhone 8 too.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a known “leaker”, recently posted about the red-colored phone. According to his Tweet, a source shared Apple’s plans to launch another RED Special Edition iPhone this year. He pointed out, however, that his source is “unverified” so it’s best to take the news “with a grain of salt”.

Today, MacRumours has reported that an internal memo from Virgin Mobile indicates that a new phone option will be unveiled as early as Monday, April 9th.

According to the memo, it will add the new model to its inventory today, coinciding with the announcement from Apple. That is, if there is an announcement. There will reportedly be pre-orders so the new colour might not be available immediately. The memo doesn’t mention a RED edition iPhone X.

ONE Campaign activist Bobby Shriver and U2 frontman Bono established the Product RED in 2006. They have successfully licensed the name to other companies over the years. The organization aims to highlight efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in eight African countries.

The Cupertino-based company has always been a big supporter the campaign. They have included red-themed designs for their products over the years. In the 2016 World’s AIDS Day, Apple turned its App Store and its featured apps red.

Edit: Click the link for the updated story: Apple New Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple Reportedly To Release ‘Blush Gold’ Colour Variant For iPhone X

In a bid to restore sales, Apple is reportedly set to release a new colour variant for the iPhone X.

Did you want to get the iPhone X but wasn’t such a fan of the limited colour available? Rumour has it that they will be unveiling a new colour for their flagship phone, the iPhone X.

With a premium price of over a thousand dollars, the iPhone X is their most expensive phone to date. This price is a bit steep for some and although sales were very high, perhaps it wasn’t the high that the company has expected?

And in comes the new colour. Rumours has it that Apple is introducing the new colour variant to help restore sales again for their flagship phone. Word spread when Benjamin Geskin, a reputed “tipster” posted about it on his Twitter account.

According to the post, the new colour variant has already started production.

A very brief report from Macotakara also details how the Cupertino-based company is launching the new color.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for confirmation if this is happening sooner or later. We are hours away from the Apple event. Whether this new colour variant is real or another rumour in the Apple-verse, we will definitely hear it from there.

Stay tuned!

Edit: The Apple event unveiled a new iPad but no word about the iPhone X. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope new updates will be revealed in soon!

Google’s Android P Features Notches; Improves Notifications

Search giant Google is planning to release a new Android software for Apple’s iPhone X’s notch. This week, Google announced that its Android P is the company’s upcoming mobile operating system. The Android mobile software will have the biggest changes so far.


Get to know Android P mobile OS


Google said that Android P would cater the cutout located at the top of the phones with screens. Since Apple launched the iPhone X, the notch has become a major trend in smartphones. For instance, Asus had announced that its Zenfone 5 features a notch.


Aside from Asus, other mobile manufacturing companies are likely to release smartphones with notches. To name few, Huawei and LG were rumored to release these type of smartphones. Regarding the dominant mobile OS, Android is running at least 85 percent of phones worldwide, IDC reported.


Now that Google is trying to focus on producing phones with notches, marking a significant change in the phone’s hardware design. To date, Google’s Android P has yet to be finished. The mobile software is only in preview mode. By doing so, this would give software developers a peek inside before Google officially releases it.


Moreover, Samsung said that it would veer away from the present norm of phones with notches. The company said it opted to avoid notches without further explaining the reasons. Samsung released Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 but without notches.



Aside from the phone’s notches, Google said that it upgraded its notifications. This means that the image notifications are visible to you. Also, you can explore the option to use Smart Replies, a Google’s AI-powered responses to texts. Smart Replies, according to Google, is available in Gmail and its chat app Allo.



Meanwhile, Google’s Android P allows users to use indoor mapping such as a conference hall or an airport. This feature has significant impacts on the global retailers. The company added that the mobile OS would be improving the phone’s battery life and security features.

iPhone X Plus: Apple’s Super-sized Phone May Come In Gold This Fall

Another speculation has surfaced on Thursday, saying that Apple is planning to release three new iPhones come September. All three new iPhones would feature a Face ID for authentication, among others. Apple users are now expecting that the Cupertino-based giant would release an upgraded iPhone X and the rumored iPhone X Plus.



Is Apple planning to release an iPhone X Plus this fall?


The Face ID would eventually end the Touch ID in Apple’s smartphone line-up. In a published report by Mark Gurman, he revealed that Apple is likely to release an iPhone X Plus that has a screen size of “close to 6.5 inches.” The current iPhone X measures only 5.8 inches.


Now, the Cupertino-based company is currently testing of what appears to be a prototype of an iPhone with a huge display resolution of 2688 x 1242. The bigger models would trigger Apple to do some split-view software features.


Aside from this, the bigger iPhone X also features the usual core design elements. The same with the phone’s last year’s hardware specifications. This includes an OLED screen and a stainless steel sides. But new rumor indicates that Apple is currently working on gold color devices. An additional color beyond the usual black, white or silver color options for iPhone X.


And here’s another good news, in the future, Apple users will soon enjoy using an iPhone that supports dual SIM. This is likely possible with the company’s upcoming bigger iPhone models. Also, Apple is planning to implement a new technology called the eSIM technology in iPhone.


Using the eSIM technology would allow iPhone devices to connect to cellular data networks without inserting a traditional, carrier-provided SIM card.

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