Unreleased Gold iPhone X from Apple Revealed by FCC


FCC Reveals Apple’s Unreleased Gold iPhone X

Apple’s unreleased gold iPhone X has been revealed be FCC. A filing from Apple at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) show images of a yet to be released gold iPhone X.

The Gold iPhone X

The 180 days confidentiality period of the photos has now lapsed. Giving us a clear view of the new iPhone X with a glass back plate. It features the same gold tone as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus released in September. The stainless steel sides are also a shade of gold.

In an iPhone event last year, there were rumors that Apple was working on a gold iPhone X. But that color was never shown on stage. Apple was only left with two colors to choose from: space gray and white/silver. The company must have encountered problems with the gold one. But they will be giving it a try in a few months.


If Apple already revealed this color in the filing with FCC, we might not have seen these photos of a gold iPhone. We would not have experienced the rare opportunity of having a look at an unreleased Apple product.

The day the images arrived revealed an internal Apple memo with a stern warning against leaking confidential information. Apple itself made the misstep. They released the new red color for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. But there is no red option for the iPhone X.

Appearance At The Federal Communications Commission

It is not unusual for devices to be leaked in the FCC. Apple’s appearance at the FCC may mean two things. One, is that there really is a gold iPhone X coming. Or Two, the gold color was cancelled. There is evidence to support the latter. The FCC filing was created last August and submitted last September. Four days before the iPhone X was announced.

Of course there was no sign of the gold iPhone X last year. Rumors then was that Apple will be releasing a copper gold or a “blush gold” version o the iPhone X. But it never materialized. A phone leaker said that a blush gold iPhone was in production.

But the FCC’s leaked gold iPhone X was not the rumored blush gold iPhone X. It looks more like the gold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. With the exception of a gold polished stainless steel frame.