Apple Reportedly To Release ‘Blush Gold’ Colour Variant For iPhone X

Apple's Blush Gold iPhone X
(Credit: Benjamin Geskin)

In a bid to restore sales, Apple is reportedly set to release a new colour variant for the iPhone X.

Did you want to get the iPhone X but wasn’t such a fan of the limited colour available? Rumour has it that they will be unveiling a new colour for their flagship phone, the iPhone X.

With a premium price of over a thousand dollars, the iPhone X is their most expensive phone to date. This price is a bit steep for some and although sales were very high, perhaps it wasn’t the high that the company has expected?

And in comes the new colour. Rumours has it that Apple is introducing the new colour variant to help restore sales again for their flagship phone. Word spread when Benjamin Geskin, a reputed “tipster” posted about it on his Twitter account.

According to the post, the new colour variant has already started production.

A very brief report from Macotakara also details how the Cupertino-based company is launching the new color.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for confirmation if this is happening sooner or later. We are hours away from the Apple event. Whether this new colour variant is real or another rumour in the Apple-verse, we will definitely hear it from there.

Stay tuned!

Edit: The Apple event unveiled a new iPad but no word about the iPhone X. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope new updates will be revealed in soon!