If you are an Apple fan, then certainly you are also a fan of iPhone X. It cannot be denied that Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. In fact, we have seen how Apple has changed the phone’s design and features over time. Now with iOS 12, how would it make iPhone X better?



What’s amazing with Apple iPhone X is that you don’t need a home button. This means that any Apple users can navigate the phone using new gestures. And of course, the iPhone X’s famous “notch” which is located at the top of the handset’s display. The notch is what makes the handset unique compared to other rival smartphones in the market.



While iPhone X has the design sophistication, iPhone users are looking forward that the bugs found in the previous iOS could fix the flaws spotted by the users. One thing about the company’s latest handset is that Apple has removed the Touch ID.


So to sum it up, here are some things which we thing needs to be improved with iOS 12. We have curated these things for you to know that major issues in iOS 12. In case you don’t know, Apple is slated to unveil the stable iOS 12 come June 4 during the WWDC 2018.


Grouped notifications, improved widgets



Notification in Apple’s iOS is actually one of the major issues for many of the iPhone users. In short, the notification system in Apple’s iOS needs a major revamp. We have discussed this previously, and for the benefit of those who are still clueless yet, it’s Apple’s way of displaying the notification. Apple users blamed this to the way Apple displays the notifications which are in chronological order.



While Apple’s notification system seems a failure for some, the company’s widget in iOS, however, is useful for some Apple users. But this can be improved a lot, under the iOS 12, Apple has given developers an opportunity to create widgets. These widgets are visible if Apple user touches the 3D touch app icon. By doing so, users can actually access several key information and features without actually opening the app.