Report: Apple May Introduce A Red iPhone 8 Tomorrow

iPhone Red

The tech-giant may introduce a red-colored iPhone 8 in partnership with RED, an organization that raises awareness about HIV/AIDS.

iPhone Red

It was around this time last year that Apple introduced the red iPhone 7 dubbed the RED Special Edition iPhone. The product was launched in partnership with RED, an advocacy group that raises awareness about AIDS/HIV in African countries.

Now, reports are abuzz about a red version of the iPhone 8 too.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a known “leaker”, recently posted about the red-colored phone. According to his Tweet, a source shared Apple’s plans to launch another RED Special Edition iPhone this year. He pointed out, however, that his source is “unverified” so it’s best to take the news “with a grain of salt”.

Today, MacRumours has reported that an internal memo from Virgin Mobile indicates that a new phone option will be unveiled as early as Monday, April 9th.

According to the memo, it will add the new model to its inventory today, coinciding with the announcement from Apple. That is, if there is an announcement. There will reportedly be pre-orders so the new colour might not be available immediately. The memo doesn’t mention a RED edition iPhone X.

ONE Campaign activist Bobby Shriver and U2 frontman Bono established the Product RED in 2006. They have successfully licensed the name to other companies over the years. The organization aims to highlight efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in eight African countries.

The Cupertino-based company has always been a big supporter the campaign. They have included red-themed designs for their products over the years. In the 2016 World’s AIDS Day, Apple turned its App Store and its featured apps red.

Edit: Click the link for the updated story: Apple New Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus