Google’s Android P Features Notches; Improves Notifications

Google App

Search giant Google is planning to release a new Android software for Apple’s iPhone X’s notch. This week, Google announced that its Android P is the company’s upcoming mobile operating system. The Android mobile software will have the biggest changes so far.


Get to know Android P mobile OS


Google said that Android P would cater the cutout located at the top of the phones with screens. Since Apple launched the iPhone X, the notch has become a major trend in smartphones. For instance, Asus had announced that its Zenfone 5 features a notch.


Aside from Asus, other mobile manufacturing companies are likely to release smartphones with notches. To name few, Huawei and LG were rumored to release these type of smartphones. Regarding the dominant mobile OS, Android is running at least 85 percent of phones worldwide, IDC reported.


Now that Google is trying to focus on producing phones with notches, marking a significant change in the phone’s hardware design. To date, Google’s Android P has yet to be finished. The mobile software is only in preview mode. By doing so, this would give software developers a peek inside before Google officially releases it.


Moreover, Samsung said that it would veer away from the present norm of phones with notches. The company said it opted to avoid notches without further explaining the reasons. Samsung released Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 but without notches.



Aside from the phone’s notches, Google said that it upgraded its notifications. This means that the image notifications are visible to you. Also, you can explore the option to use Smart Replies, a Google’s AI-powered responses to texts. Smart Replies, according to Google, is available in Gmail and its chat app Allo.



Meanwhile, Google’s Android P allows users to use indoor mapping such as a conference hall or an airport. This feature has significant impacts on the global retailers. The company added that the mobile OS would be improving the phone’s battery life and security features.