Rumored ‘iPhone X Plus’ Shown in Leaked Photos

A leaked photos have surfaced on Tuesday, hinting that Apple is planning to release a new iPhone in 2018 called the iPhone X Plus.  The leaked photos reveal some parts of the Apple’s rumored flagship.


A closer look of the images reveal that Apple is designing a new phone with a large notched display. And this new iPhone will be called “iPhone X Plus.” The rumored iPhone will be a 6.5-inch device and will be released later this year.


iPhone X Plus: Here’s what you need to know


Moreover, the leaked photos also show that some part of the rumored phone is not part of iPhone, citing that the original post further claims that these parts were manufactured by LG instead of Samsung.


Apple users first spotted the leaked photos at the MacX forums. The post, however, was taken down immediately. MacRumors was able to save the leaked images. As indicated, the original post said that the parts were actually sourced from an LG facility based in Vietnam.


The post also hinted that the parts of the rumored iPhone X Plus were part of what appears to be a “trial run of production equipment.” It can be recalled that the Cupertino-based company is planning to release three models of iPhones this year.


This iPhone is actually an upgraded version of iPhone X. The upgraded version would be a 5.8-inch OLED screen. Another iPhone will be a larger model with a 6.5-inch OLED screen. And the last would be an iPhone model with a less expensive LCD screen.


Meanwhile, other Apple users claim that the leaked parts appeared to be for a larger, 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. It is obvious that the rumored phone has a larger screen when compared to the present iPhone X. However, the rumored phone has the exact notch size located at the top of the screen.


iPhone X: Apple Is Investigating Incoming Call’ Bug

Hundreds of iPhone X owners took to Apple’s support forums to expressed their disappointments. They complained, in particular, about a glitch they experienced using their iPhone X. iPhone X owners discovered a bug that prevents them from answering incoming calls on their smartphones.


iPhone X users complain of “Incoming Call” Bug


Citing a report from the Financial Times, iPhone X users claim that the touchscreen of their smartphones is lighting up when their devices start ringing. But when the screen immediately activates, the call would be dropped instantly, and users could no longer answer the call.


“I hear the phone ringing, but the graphics on the screen doesn’t change to the phone mode, only after 5-6 rings. Not only I can’t answer the phone, but I also can’t see who is calling But only after about 10 seconds,” an iPhone X user wrote in one forum.



“To solve this, I need to restart the phone, until it comes back again. It doesn’t help to close all the apps. I’ll just add that it is a new phone, not from second hand or something, and I’m far from using all my memory,” the user further said.


Responding to the issue, the Cupertino-based company said that it is now looking into this issue. Apple said that iPhone X users who are experiencing this kind of technical bug should submit a report about the issue to Apple Support.



By submitting a description or a report about the bug, it would really help the Apple team to probe and fix the bug. Just last week, Apple said that it is trying to improve the performance of iOS 12, the rumored next version of the company’s operating system.

iPhone 11 Rumors: Here’s What We Know So Far

Rumors have it that Apple Inc. is planning to release a new flagship called iPhone 11. Although the tech company has just released iPhone X, reports across the web indicate that a new iPhone is something to look forward this year.


Here’s what we know so far


The Cupertino-based company, according to The Investor, would likely to release two models of iPhones. The iPhones are expected to feature OLED displays. This confirms the earlier information that Apple, in 2017, had ordered with Samsung for 6.5, 5.2 and 5.8-inch displays. But the company has reportedly cancelled the 5.2-inch display because of its low marketability.


Apart from the OLED display, the company has also ordered a panel with Japan display for its 6-inch plus iPhone model, according to a report published by The Wall Street Journal. Based on the same report, Apple has chosen Japan Display because its panel is cheaper compared with the OLED displays.


What’s amazing about having a Full Active LDC display is its darker black feature and can be used if your hands are wet. This information backs the information reported by KGI Securities that Apple may release a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone this year.


Also, a recent report from KGI Securities revealed that the budget iPhone 6.1-inch wouldn’t have the Apple’s 3D Touch feature. If this rumor is true, then it is expected that Apple users would be disappointed on this one.


Regarding casing, the rumored iPhone 11 would feature a metal case. All rumored iPhone models would come in various colors. Casetek was reported to supply the cases of the rumored iPhone 11. On features, the rumored phone won’t feature TrueDepth as the company would be focusing to launch new models with front-facing TrueDepth cameras as well as stabilizing equipment.

Apple To Release 6.1-inch iPhone sans iPhone X’s killer features

A rumor has surfaced this week saying that Apple Inc. is planning to release a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone without a 3D Touch and other iPhone X’s killer features.


The news comes after the reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple might release three models of iPhones. He said that the Cupertino-based tech company would likely release a 6.1-inch display new mid-range model of iPhone.


Will Apple release a new iPhone sans iPhone X’s killer feature?


The company is also poised to release a cheaper version of iPhone X featuring a 5.8-inch OLED screen and a larger 6.5-inch OLED model. The rumored iPhones have reportedly borrowed some elements from both iPhone X and iPhone 8 models, respectively.



Also, rumors suggest that the 6.1-inch smartphone features an aluminum frame, a rectangular battery as well as a standard non-stacked logic board, based on Kuo’s research notes.


It is also worthy to note that the rumored 6.1-inch smartphone would have an LCD panel instead of having an OLED display. This is contrary to the early reports despite the iPhone’s bezel-reducing design feature and a Face ID.


And speaking of the iPhone prices, Kuo hinted that the rumored iPhone would be sold between $700-$800, which is cheaper compared to iPhone X’s $999 hefty price tag. But these remains to be a rumor even though Kuo has a clean record of predicting the plans of Apple.


Regarding features, Apple’s 6.1-inch device would possibly drop some killer features of iPhone X. The rumored smartphone would only use a single rear camera and 3 GB of RAM. The phone would also not be equipped with a 3D Touch, a feature that is embedded in iPhone X and iPhone X Plus models.

Is Samsung Attempting To Copy iPhone X Design? A Patent Says So

The popularity of Apple’s iPhone X (read as ten) is undeniable. To the extent that a rumor suggests that the Cupertino-based tech giant’s rival is reportedly copying the design of the popular iPhone X.


Just this week, a report has surfaced saying that Samsung-Apple’s archrival-plans to copy the iPhone X’s notch. Designers said that Apple’s latest iPhone’s notch is a compromised between functionality and design.

Is Samsung copying  Apple’s latest iPhone’s design?


In fact, one may notice that Apple is genius when it found ways to hide the front-facing camera, speakers, sensors-all under the elegant and classy screen. With this, users see that the notch will be installed on all smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhones.


Although Samsung may not public admit that it would copy Apple’s latest iPhone’s design, a new report indicates, however, that Samsung is making some drastic change on its notches.


The news comes after a recent Samsung patent application published at Mobielkopen, revealed that its future smartphones would have an all-screen smartphones both with a front-facing camera and sensor notches.

Samsung reportedly filed the patent back in July last year, before the public debut of iPhone X. But during that time, the rumor was on the mill that Apple’s new smartphone would have become the iPhone X’s notch.

Check the photos below:

Image Source: Samsung via Mobielkopen


Image Source: Samsung via Mobielkopen

iPhone X: Glitch Which Makes the Device Restart Over and Over Again

Apple just released their iPhone X recently. But a sudden issue affecting phones which run on iOS 11 appeared earlier which caused phones to reboot.

iPhone X by Engadget

iPhone X continuously reboots

The phone runs on iOS 11 which means that it’s affected by a particular bug. This bug makes phones reboot over and over again making it impossible to use it properly.

iPhone users around the globe have been complaining about this and sent messages to the board. They also flooded their social media sites about the problem.

It’s really bad because the phone would reboot every 10-30 seconds, which is very frustrating. Apple stores are being swamped by users as well.

The company took the unusual step of releasing a software update on a Saturday when it pushed iOS 11.2.

The update fixes the rebooting issue and also includes Apple Pay Cash, the company’s new peer to peer payment system, faster wireless charging, and new live wallpapers.

The new software update will be released by Apple on Tuesday.

Every phone has its flaws every now and then. We just have to know how to deal with them properly.

iPhone X Update: Apple, suppliers drop on report of weak iPhone X demand

Due to weak demand for iPhone X, shares of Apple Inc. including its suppliers dipped low earlier this week. This comes after a report published by Taiwan Economic Daily, saying that Apple iPhone X’s demand is low in the first quarter.


Apple shares fell 2.5 percent to $170.57


Since Apple debuts the iPhone X, its shares fell 2.5 percent to $170.57 on Tuesday, December 26. Before launching the iPhone X, the company’s shares surged 45 percent this year as some of the investors expect that iPhone users will buy iPhone X.


However,  financial analysts have mixed reactions with Apple’s shares. They are not even certain if such demand has something to do with the premium device, the iPhone X since its sports a Face ID technology that unlocks the phone , and a full screen display.


Apple to sell 30 million units of iPhone X


With this, the Cupertino-based tech company plans to reduce the number of iPhone X units that will be sold for a given quarter. Citing the Taiwan Economic Daily report, it said that Apple is mulling to sell 30 million units of iPhone X, far from the initial plan of 50 million units globally.


To date, Apple has yet to publicly disclose its target sales for the quarter. The company went on sale back in November with iPhone X having a price tag of $999.


When asked about the company’s quarterly sales, a spokesman said that Apple does not respond to rumors prevailing in the market.

Analyst Says iPhone X Demand Remains Strong In China

Apple’s iPhone X remains to be popular and strong in the global smartphone market. In fact, the Cupertino-based tech company now offers a one-day delivery if you are going to order iPhone X online. Apple’s move is laudable and can be perceived as an improvement regarding shipments.

It can be recalled that early November, the shipment of iPhone was pushed back by several weeks. Some tech analyst claims that Apple’s improvement regarding delivery has improved because of the improved production scheme.

Now in a related news, a report has surfaced this week, saying that Apple fans in China prefer to have an iPhone X model with 256 GB. The news comes after an analyst named Amid Daryanani sent a research note to Apple investors.

Chinese wants iPhone with higher storage capacity

Daryani’s research note showed the trend of Apple iPhone buyers in the communist China. Based on the RBC Capital Market survey, 62 percent of Chinese buyers prefer to buy the tech company’s latest iPhone X. The figure based on the survey is much higher than the 28 percent of people in America.

Also, the survey disclosed that Apple fans in China prefer to have a phone that has higher storage capacity. Why? Because iPhones lack support for memory expansion thru microSD card. The survey result generally implies that 66 percent of Chinese buyers wanted to buy an iPhone 256 GB model.

Apart from this, 64 percent of the current iPhone 8 buyers including the 75 percent of the iPhone 7 series buyers showed interests in buying models that have higher storage capacity. This makes Apple achieved its marketing gains because of the strong demands for higher storage capacity models of iPhone.

Meanwhile, Daryanani also informed the investors that there is a “stronger than anticipated mix shift” in China. He also noted that iPhone X’s demand in the US would remain strong and achieve a steady growth.

Why iPhone 8, iPhone X The Most Searched Words in 2017

This year, search engine giant Google has revealed what people across the globe are searching on the internet. Google, in its yearly “Year in Search” blog, has picked two words as the most searched words for 2017: iPhone 8 and iPhone X, CNET reported on Thursday.

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone X topped the most trending search words for this year, according to Google. Based on the global search list, iPhone claimed the top spot among the search terms. iPhone 8 ranked no. 2 while iPhone X ranked no. 3, respectively.

Why iPhone 8, iPhone X?


The inclusion of iPhone 8 and iPhone X in Google’s global search list suggest that 2017 is certainly a big year for Apple Inc. So when Google released the results, it cannot be denied that 2017 is indeed a year for Apple’s smartphones.

The Cupertino-based company has recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary this 2017. To make the celebration worth remembering by the Apple users globally, Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus including the popular iPhone X. Hence, speculations about Apple’s smartphones were circulating year-round in anticipation of the company’s new flagship phones.


However, the rumors did not directly refer to the iPhone X as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The iPhone X was not even close to being rumor until such time that Apple finally announced that it would launch iPhone X. This could be the best reason why iPhone 8 has ranked higher compared to iPhone X.

Search categories

Meanwhile, Google has also used separated terms into categories. This includes Elections, Memes, and Actors. On the consumer tech category, the most searched words are Nintendo Switch (2), Samsung Galaxy (40, Xbox One (5) and the iPhones ranked 1 and 2 respectively.

Do you agree with Google’s most searched words for 2017? Leave us a comment below!

iPhone 2018: Apple To Bring Back Metal Casing?

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is mulling to bring back metal casing for its next flagship device. Citing a report privy to the plans of Apple, the rumored 6.1-inch smartphone will have a metal chassis.

The rumored smartphone is set to launch by 2018 with an elegant and classy casing similar to iPhone 7 series released back in 2016. What is exciting about the company’s rumored smartphone is that it will sport a black metal casing in various colors.

Furthermore, the same source claims that Casetek, an Apple supplier, will provide the LCD for the iPhones. Casetek is a subsidiary company of Pegatron.

Apple’s LCD provider was the same company that produces the aluminium cases of iPad. Apple users claim that the new iPhone will sport a shallow metal frame. Aside from this, there’s also a report that claims that Casetek is doing an experiment for the iPhone’s new casing designs for 2018.

What we know so far is that Apple is mulling to launch three iPhones. Of the three iPhones, two will sport OLED displays, taking a cue from the recently launched iPhone X. The third rumored iPhone will have the same specs with iPhone X which is a 5.8-inch screen, and the other iPhone will have a 6.3-inch display.

Nomora, a Japan-based financial company, has suggested that iPhone models would share the same specs with that of iPhone X. One of the rumored features was the Face ID. However, the new phone would feature a dual SIM support. There’s also a possibility that a new model will have a single camera but without Apple’s Force Touch.

Also, Apple’s rumored phone is expected to be sold between $650 and $900. While the specs keep the Apple users exciting, the iPhone’s color was also part of the leaked details on the internet.