A first glimpse into Microsoft Office 2010


Microsoft has released a technical preview of their Office 2010 to developers today. The software suite contains improvements such as new cut-and-paste features for Word and new ways to broadcast PowerPoint presentations online.

But the biggest news? Office 2010 now comes with Office Web Apps (a timely release I should say, as Google Docs and Spreadsheets have just came out of its beta phase).

These apps are “lightweight versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote that are all accessible via desktop, mobile devices, and Web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. These however, will not yet be available for testing until later this year.

The Office Apps, when launched, will be free and will be available to people who have Microsoft Live accounts. You can also save your documents online to a free Windows Live SkyDrive account.

Don’t expect the Office Apps to look identical to the Office software, however, Microsoft assures that they are doing the best they can to make the apps look similar (with reduced functions) to their software counterpart.

The final Microsoft Office and Office apps will be released to the public in the first half of 2010.

Rumors are circling in the mill that this release from Microsoft is prepared and ready to face its competitors, something that ThinkFree Office Online and Zoho Office Suite (both online office suites) as well as Google Docs and Spreadsheets have to look out for.



Apple Tablet available soon


Or at least that’s what some rumors say.

InfoTimes, a Taiwanese site, reported today (in Chinese) that Apple plans to release a tablet computer this October.

The report says that the tablet will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, much more like an oversized iPod touch. The price is estimated to be around $800.

The release date also makes sense, as it will be closer to the holidays, making the tablet a must-have gift this Christmas.

The InfoTimes sources it report to various parts and manufacturing partners, adding more weight to the rumor. Apple however, is keeping mum about this supposedly “latest” project of theirs.

A blog from PCWorld guesses that the target market for the tablet will be “primarily entertainment users” but will also make it easier for people to do work on their tablets such as sending emails because of the bigger virtual keyboard.

Oh well, if this rumor indeed becomes a reality, y’all better start saving. 😉



Teen falls in a manhole while texting


No texting while driving.

No texting while crossing.

And the most important rule: no texting while walking.

Well at least for this teenager from Staten Island who was walking down Victory Boulevard when she fell into an open sewer manhole.

Alexa Longueira suffered some cuts and scrapes but attained no serious injuries.

The manhole, according to the workers, was left open and unattended for just seconds while they went to fetch some cones from their truck.

Alexa’s mom points out that it doesn’t matter that her daughter was texting, as the manhole should never have been left open or at least, unattended.

Marcedes Padilla of the Department of Environmental Protection says that they are now conducting a full investigation of the incident.

“We regret that this happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery.” Padilla added.

Alexa’s mother however, still plans to file a lawsuit.



The newest App Store from LG


As one article stated, app stores are the new black, and a very good example to that is the app store from Apple which has recently gotten lots of attention since celebrating its one year anniversary last week.

But enough from Apple now, as we focus on the newest app store in the block, the “LG Application Store” which released their plans for its home country (South Korea) last month. The store will be open this Tuesday.

LG’s app store will feature over a thousand applications, including 100 free program and available in 15 languages. These apps however, are only open to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia for the time being. Their move to open the store is one way to catch-up with other competitors in the smartphone arena.

This year, the company plans to release 80 mobile phones, 12 of which will be smartphones, around the world. LG’s app store will target Asia first, and will eventually roll out globally by the end of the year. They have no plans however, to launch the store in the U.S.

Hmmmn, I wonder why that is 😉



No Windows 7 for some corporations


Through a new survey conducted by Quest Software’s ScriptLogic unit, a significant number of corporations have no plans to immediately change their OS to Windows 7.

From 1000 responses from IT administrators, only 5.4 percent said they will move to Windows 7 this year while over a third of the survey respondents said that they plan to deploy by the end of next year.

It’s not because of problems with the OS that many corporations opt not to upgrade though. According to Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Windows management ScriptLogic, it was found out through the survey that “thirty five percent of respondents say they’ve saved money by skipping upgrades and delaying purchases,” which according to him, highlights the impact the economy has on IT.

It was also found out through the results of the survey that the two top reasons for corporations not moving to the new OS were lack of time and resources and application compatibility, which the latter could also result to added expenses.

The code for Windows 7 is expected to be finalized later this month.



Find bargains and exclusive deals on Twitter


Millions are already members of Twitter (as if that’s very surprising) and it has become more than just a social networking site.

Businesses have found Twitter to be a very lucrative source for marketing and advertising. These companies make use of “tweets” (messages are limited to 140 characters) to advertise last-minute discounts and giveaways. These include free meals from your local dinner to discounted airline tickets.

Members of the site who “follow” the stores or clubs often receive these exclusive deals which usually only last for a few hours. This is essentially useful for people who don’t have the luxury of time to browse through the internet or read through magazines and newspapers to find the latest bargains from their favorite establishments.

Hillary Mendelsohn, owner of an online shopping guide site uses Twitter to find bargains. She says, “For people that are on the go all the time, this is a great way to find the deal and it might be the only way to find a deal.”

Be sure to exercise caution though, as Twitter, like almost everything on the web, is not scam-free. Yet.



General Motors to partner with eBay


And mind you, they’re not planning to auction off used cars only.

General Motors Corp. has said that they plan to experiment with auctioning their news cars on eBay and if you’ve been living in a rock for at least the last decade, eBay is an online shopping and auction site that millions that probably millions of people go to everyday J.

It won’t be available for the whole world though. Fritz Henderson, GM CEO has said that consumers in California can now bid on the vehicles as they would in a normal eBay auction, or even choose to “Buy it Now”. The dealers however, will still be the ones to distribute the cars.

According to GM spokesman John McDonald, this partnership with eBay will start in the “next couple of weeks.”

eBay Motors vice president Rob Chesney has said in a statement that there are still no finalized plans with General Motors but they are “excited about a potential new adventure that supports GM’s dealers by expanding on how they already reach consumers through new approaches.”



Google’s Chrome OS is getting stronger


A lot were skeptical on hearing about Google’s plan in producing an operating system to rival Microsoft’s. However, over the weeks, it seems that Google is slowly but surely making it clear that they indeed, mean business.

For many years now, Microsoft Windows has held the top position of the personal computer operating system market with slightly less than 90% while Apple is left with the rest of the market share.

A release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 would also add to its already large hold of the market.

But Google doesn’t give up that easily, and now has partners that share its vision. Among these include big names such as Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Toshiba and even Intel. An article from Information Week reports that these companies are now “working with Goggle to help it re-imagine the operating system”.

Well, I said it before and I’ll say it again: somebody’s gonna be making a run for its money now 🙂



More Wi-Fi smartphones from Sprint and Verizon


A good smartphone wouldn’t be that good without a Wi-Fi – well at least for those people who complained about the lack of Wi-fi for the RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630.

Sprint will amend this by requiring all of its future smartphones to have Wi-Fi capabilities, and that includes a release of a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry Tour next year.

Jeff Clemow, Sprint’s director of business product marketing, said in an interview that they released the current version of the Tour to bring its lineup up to date.

Verizon Wireless also is working with RIM to bring more Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones to their lineup. They will also be releasing the BlackBerry Tour starting today for $199.99 but refused to comment as to whether a release of a Wi-Fi-capable one is on the works.



The Royal Family is now on Twitter


Don’t expect to be receiving personal Tweets from the Queen or Prince of Wales though.

A spokeswoman from the Buckingham Palace said that it had signed up to “harness the popularity of Twitter” in spreading news about the Royal Family.

The account had undergone several weeks of testing before it had went live.

The Twitter account @BritishMonarch will provide tidbits about the activities of the members of the family as well as details of their different royal engagements.

“The intention,” the spokeswoman explained, “is that it is a news service rather than a personal voice.”

Hmmmn, maybe Ashton Kutcher will convince them otherwise J




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