Find bargains and exclusive deals on Twitter


Millions are already members of Twitter (as if that’s very surprising) and it has become more than just a social networking site.

Businesses have found Twitter to be a very lucrative source for marketing and advertising. These companies make use of “tweets” (messages are limited to 140 characters) to advertise last-minute discounts and giveaways. These include free meals from your local dinner to discounted airline tickets.

Members of the site who “follow” the stores or clubs often receive these exclusive deals which usually only last for a few hours. This is essentially useful for people who don’t have the luxury of time to browse through the internet or read through magazines and newspapers to find the latest bargains from their favorite establishments.

Hillary Mendelsohn, owner of an online shopping guide site uses Twitter to find bargains. She says, “For people that are on the go all the time, this is a great way to find the deal and it might be the only way to find a deal.”

Be sure to exercise caution though, as Twitter, like almost everything on the web, is not scam-free. Yet.