Teen falls in a manhole while texting


No texting while driving.

No texting while crossing.

And the most important rule: no texting while walking.

Well at least for this teenager from Staten Island who was walking down Victory Boulevard when she fell into an open sewer manhole.

Alexa Longueira suffered some cuts and scrapes but attained no serious injuries.

The manhole, according to the workers, was left open and unattended for just seconds while they went to fetch some cones from their truck.

Alexa’s mom points out that it doesn’t matter that her daughter was texting, as the manhole should never have been left open or at least, unattended.

Marcedes Padilla of the Department of Environmental Protection says that they are now conducting a full investigation of the incident.

“We regret that this happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery.” Padilla added.

Alexa’s mother however, still plans to file a lawsuit.