No Windows 7 for some corporations


Through a new survey conducted by Quest Software’s ScriptLogic unit, a significant number of corporations have no plans to immediately change their OS to Windows 7.

From 1000 responses from IT administrators, only 5.4 percent said they will move to Windows 7 this year while over a third of the survey respondents said that they plan to deploy by the end of next year.

It’s not because of problems with the OS that many corporations opt not to upgrade though. According to Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Windows management ScriptLogic, it was found out through the survey that “thirty five percent of respondents say they’ve saved money by skipping upgrades and delaying purchases,” which according to him, highlights the impact the economy has on IT.

It was also found out through the results of the survey that the two top reasons for corporations not moving to the new OS were lack of time and resources and application compatibility, which the latter could also result to added expenses.

The code for Windows 7 is expected to be finalized later this month.