Tesla Technology: What Is and Isn’t Worth It

Teslas are great cars with a lot of awesome options to make them even more exciting. If you are looking at getting a Tesla it is a good idea to know which aspects of the technology will be most helpful to you, and what things you don’t need as a driver. The more you know in advance, the better you can do in deciding which Tesla technology you need in your vehicle.

Software Updates

If you’re getting a Tesla, there is likely to be a lot of software and with that software will come updates in the future. While updates may be unavoidable, it is a good idea to know in advance what some of the benefits and problems with those updates may be.

While automatic updates are pretty common for phones and laptops, they are still a pretty rare thing for vehicles. As with any other software update, there can be difficulties if the hardware isn’t updated as well. Software updates can also sometimes miss bugs or cause small problems that a later update will need to take care of. It is a good idea to stay informed about any updates so you can be aware of what they are doing and how that may affect the performance of your car.

Cabin Overheat Protection

One of the interesting features of the Tesla is the cabin overheat protection it offers. This can be a great tool, especially if you have an animal in your car or another safety issue, but it can also lead to problems of efficiency. It can be super annoying and inefficient for this feature to kick in unnecessarily. While this can be overcome with things like window tinting your Tesla, it isn’t great that it will turn on while your car is just parked. By investing in other more efficient tools to keep your car cool when it is empty and parked, you can keep things safe and cool without having to risk running down your battery or causing other efficiency issues.

Battery Life

The most exciting thing about Tesla is that it has the technology to run a car completely on battery, but that also means that you need to be careful of battery life. For the most part, just remembering to charge your Tesla when you are at home overnight will be enough to ensure that you always have enough battery life, but there are a few things that can become a problem.

Phantom battery loss and degradation can be a big problem for electric cars like Teslas. This phenomenon is when power is lost when the vehicle is not in use. Generally speaking, if you can find the cause of the battery loss, you can avoid the problem and keep things running smoothly. It generally occurs when the car is prevented from going into its sleep state which allows energy to continue draining slowly.


The autopilot feature on Tesla cars is incredibly popular. While autopilot can be convenient, some downsides need to be addressed. The main downside to autopilot tends to be user error. When users misunderstand their role when their car is on autopilot, they can create dangerous situations. Although autopilot can help with many common driving tasks, it is not a completely autonomous driver.  It is essential that the driver be present and actively paying attention, even when the car is in autopilot mode. Being on autopilot is not a good time to take a nap or play around on your phone. Instead, it is just a little bit simpler a way to drive a car.

In-Dash Web Browser

Another cool tech feature in Teslas is the in-dash web browser. This is pretty great because it gives drivers access to important information that can help them along their drive and make travel much simpler and more straightforward. That said, having a web browser at your fingertips while driving can also be a bit distracting and cause problems down the road. The main thing to keep in mind with the web browser on your dash is that it is your responsibility as a driver to ensure that you are using it carefully and appropriately and not putting yourself or others into dangerous situations.

Streaming Services

Tesla also offers the ability to stream both music and video through your vehicle. This is a pretty interesting addition that has both benefits and problems. The ease of being able to stream video directly from your car is pretty awesome, especially for parents of children who could use a little distraction when they are on road trips or even just spending a little time in the car while running errands. This feature can also be distracting for drivers though, which may cause some problems and raises some safety issues. Also, Tesla plans to charge a monthly fee for premium streaming capability. This can seem like a lot of extra spending when you already pay for the streaming services themselves.

Advanced Parking Sensors

If you struggle with parallel parking or simply dislike parking in general, the parking sensors from Tesla can be incredibly helpful. These sensors give you a better idea of the space around your car and can give you the guidance you need to park effectively. You can even use the parking assist feature to make the parking job that much simpler and less stressful. Even with the sensors and assistance, you should pay attention and actively participate in the process so you can maintain your safety and keep things running well for you and your vehicle.

Understanding the technology you have available through a Tesla vehicle can help you to make smart choices that will inform your future as a driver and a car owner. No matter what technology you decide to include, you are sure to have a great vehicle that can perform in exciting ways.

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Why Automation Is Good for the Economy

From the assembly line to apps that handle entire departments of paperwork and calculations with a simple script, automation can be found everywhere. And it’s only going to get more advanced. While there is a lot of potential, in some economic models, there are worries about job outlook and human productivity. Automation won’t eliminate gas stations and restaurant labor overnight. As can be seen in today’s manufacturing sector, fewer employees are needed to monitor partial automation. Here are a few details to help you see where automation is going along with the benefits and dangers of humanity’s latest chapter of progress.

Give Inquisitive Minds Their Due Attention

Wasted potential is an unfortunate part of the human experience, and it always has been. Children who have creative, insightful, voluminous and generally powerful minds can waste away in hometowns instead of working on the most important parts of history. Adults who bloom into greater potential later in life are often missed because of a focus on children. There is work to be done, and while children rightfully deserve a chance at a powerful upbringing, is it fair to ignore them once they hit a certain age? Automation will bring relief to many of those access troubles. At first glance, the most obvious benefit is more free time for those who want to pursue industrious or creative interests. The romantic concept of people who would work on their own drawings, create music or write books if not for their day jobs is just a surface-level example, yet great gains come from them. Engineering, construction, science, technology and other breakthroughs will come from people having enough time. It will be difficult to reach 100% of all minds when they need it. That doesn’t mean the world can’t do better. With automation, better is closer.

Better Margins for Small Business Owners

The inquisitive, industrious minds aren’t just nameless children or random people striking it rich overnight. Small business owners, startup leaders and entrepreneurs of all types will be at the top of automation’s change. Automation allows smaller teams to compete at higher levels. As new technologies emerge, there is a bit of an ebb and flow between big and small business as far as progress. Many of the biggest advances come from large corporate funding from contractors, subdivisions and independent firms that may or may not be acquired in the future. Once discoveries like automation are available for the public, small business takes over. Gas stations have started to use automated price books, so they can avoid selling gasoline at a loss, which was common before electronic communication made delivery of barrel price data instantaneous. It’s not just about big versus small business. Large companies with no stake in overnight revolutions may not be able to move assets quick enough because of obligations or because they’re too stuck on their current goals. Small companies can suddenly develop or produce new concepts faster than many businesses on the market. It’s not about you versus the tech company with the newest toys. That company and small companies like yours will exceed others who can’t act now.

Freeing Up Labor for Greater Projects

Many countries use labor as a way to keep their population occupied and producing for the good of the nation. In a not completely incorrect theory, a country that doesn’t have a reason to work can fall into stagnation and eventually failure. Today, automation can free up labor to simply work on something else. Some workers can be retrained, and others can become innovators or creators in their own right. Some can even retire. Depending on what country you come from, you may be wondering where these individuals would get the money to live such an innovative, relaxing life. Think about the companies with the highest revenues versus the richest countries in the world. Revenue isn’t the whole story, but the funding is there. Society is not, and rather than arguing about what won’t work with knee-jerk responses, it’s time for society to discuss what would be possible if certain jobs weren’t necessary. Or, if you’re afraid of Terminator’s Skynet future, it’s smarter to start studying now to fight later than being unprepared. Whether you’re embracing automation or trying to avoid a robot uprising, the time to ask questions is today. To answer those questions with more depth than movie plots, an automation and machine learning expert can provide more information about the best resources for the future.

4 U.S. Cities in Dire Need of Tech Professionals

The technology boom in the United States not only continues unabated, but it is also challenging previous notions about which cities are suitable places for start-up businesses. Now, the tech scene is burgeoning in many different locales. Here are some of the cities that have a critical need for workers in the technology field.

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is a burgeoning startup city due to the success of government incentives in luring new businesses to the city. In addition, the presence of the University of Buffalo has helped incubate new industries. Buffalo has award programs for new business ideas that have spurred innovation. Combined with affordable housing, a general reputation as an up-and-coming city, and its proximity to Toronto’s mega economy, Buffalo is fast becoming a technology hub.

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Salt Lake City, UT

As the rising “Silicon Slopes,” Salt Lake City boasts the presence of several major technology companies, including Adobe Systems and SanDisk. The area features a steady economy and a long history of private-public partnership that furthers new startups. In addition, there is a growing population that is highly educated. Salt Lake City has a thorough infrastructure, both in terms of transit and broadband. This makes the area a magnet for new businesses and workers. Utah has a track record of being an early mover with respect to adopting new technologies.

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Huntsville, AL

The presence of multiple government agencies in Huntsville draws technology companies to the region. Huntsville got its start as a technology hub when NASA established operations in the city. When government workers in the area seek to transition to the private sector, it gives businesses an ample supply of skilled workers. In addition, the affordable housing is a draw. One in every six workers in the city now works in a science or technology job, and Huntsville has the largest increase of tech jobs in the country.

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Lincoln, NE

Lincoln has put Nebraska on the map for technology. The presence of the University of Nebraska gives both research support and a supply of skilled graduates, making companies locate here. Lincoln draws many software companies seeking a home. The quality of life in the city makes this an attractive location for technology companies.

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Silicon Valley is no longer the only game in town for technology companies. As companies disperse across the country, many cities have a critical need for skilled technology workers.

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5 Ways Technology is Helping Our Children Read Better

The US has been facing a literacy problem for some time, especially compared to other countries. This is one reason why many parents want to do their best for their children and prepare them for an economy that keeps expanding beyond borders. The following are five technologies that could help your children read better.

Reading Assistant

One important way that students can learn to read a little better and pronounce words effectively is by reading out loud. You probably remember reading passages in your classroom and dreading being called out by your teacher. This practice helps children to be more confident in how they speak, and it gives them an opportunity to read better. This practice has been improved on through technology, which is something that your kids can benefit from.

There is a virtual reading assistant that will listen to your child read out loud, helping them as they go along. This program uses speech recognition technology that listens to your child read and will help them enhance language fluency, comprehension, and prosody, among other things. The tool is very helpful and can be used outside the classroom to help kids who are a little shy about practicing their reading in front of others.

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Comprehension Tools

Another tool that parents can introduce to their children is a comprehension tool. There are a number of these tools online that can be used to help your children understand what they are reading a little better. It’s no secret that some words can get complicated, making passages much harder to understand.

These tools know that and found a way to tap into this confusing aspect of language in order to simplify it. All students have to do is copy and paste passages that they find hard to understand into one of these programs. The program analyzes it, then simplifies parts of the passage that the algorithm thought would be hard to comprehend by replacing those words or phrases with simpler language.

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Level Detection

The reading level of each student is different, and it is important that this is taken into account when a student is presented with reading material. The problem is that this can get a little hard, especially in a classroom filled with students who might be reading at different levels.

Thankfully, there is a tool to address this very issue: a reading level detection tool. The tool detects each child’s reading level and assigns varying but appropriate reading material to that child. The material is meant to enhance comprehension without confusing the reader. This is definitely a tool worth having at home and in the classroom.

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Immersion Reading

Understanding and remembering what you read can sometimes be hard. One thing that some educators have noticed is that immersion reading can sometimes make a world of difference, but this can be a little hard to accomplish at school. To help with this, there are some immersion reading tools out there that your children can benefit from.

The point of these tools is to read material out loud using professional actors along with special effects, which helps ignite the imagination. This can assist some students when it comes to not only paying attention to language but also being excited by it. These positive feelings can help continue to develop your children’s love for literature.

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Interactive Reading

Some children need interactivity in order to remain engaged with the material. Interactive reading tools are meant to help kids with reading through material and also helping them find out if they truly understood the material by using comprehension questions afterward. Interactive reading tools aim to make reading more fun, which can motivate some students.

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Why It Matters

If you have a soon-to-be kindergarten, these technologies can help your child develop basic computer skills, introduce themselves to reading in a fun manner, and increase love for learning. This is especially a good introduction for kindergarteners who will be doing an online school or home school experience, as they will be getting used to learning independently.

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You can download these tools for yourself to see if your child takes well to it or not. Remember that this is an example of one way to make reading more interactive; another example is to introduce your kids to a message board where other kids can discuss the events in the story with each other. Talk to the educators at your school to see what tools might help your children and track their progress better, too. Reading is one of the most important skills we have in life, one that is rapidly decreasing the United States, which means it going to be critical to make sure young people have access to tools to help it happen.

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PUBG To Debut Event Pass, But Will It Work?

Ever since Battle Royale came out (you can thank Minecraft for the idea from the many hunger game mods that tested out this idea), gaming corporations have looked to capitalize on the market and give war-hungry gamers the satisfaction of being the solo victor atop ninety-nine losers who just weren’t good enough.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, also known as PUBG or PUBG Corporation, was by far the gamers choice until Fortnite: Battle Royale entered the scene. Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, came in quite unexpectedly and in the blink of an eye became the #1 played game worldwide. Smashing all the charts, stealing most of the market share and cashing in quite handsomely from their efforts left PUBG quite literally in the dust.

So what has PUBG done to show that they are #1 (or #5)? Well, for starters they copied Fortnite and released their own mobile-version of PUBG. Now, they’re looking to copy the Fortnite Battle Pass. From a recent dev post, they explained why:

We wanted to create a whole new gameplay and reward experience. Ultimately, we decided to go with a new system: the “Event Pass.” It’ll be made available on June 22, the same day Sanhok hits live servers.

The Event Pass is designed to reflect the opinions of players who wanted a trackable progression-related system, and at the same time allows you to unlock new content in PUBG in a way that is different from the crate and key system.

Even though they haven’t posted any pricing details yet, speculations for this four-week event pass have many guessing this will cost around $10USD. Which, ironically, puts it right in line with the pricing for a Fortnite Battle Pass, which lasts three months.

Many gamers on Twitter voiced their concerns:

Will this be yet another nail in PUBG’s coffin? Does this mean Fortnite is starting to see a decline while PUBG swoops in for the kill? What do you think? Let us know via social media or in our Discord server! Be sure to click your reaction to this article down below!

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DJI Mavic Air Review

Review For The DJI Mavic Air

The review for the DJI Mavic Air is out.  This is a pocketable 4K drone you might want to have in 2018.  The drone is said to be a small one with huge ambitions.

The DJI Mavic Air packs 4k video recording, a three-axis gimbal,and an upgraded obstacle avoidance system and onboard storage.  It has a compact and foldable factor that easily slips into a jacket pocket.

Positive And Negative Features (And Qualities) Of The Drone

The best quality of the drone is its portability.  It has 4K  video at up to 100Mbps, 12MP HDR stills, near perfect obstacle avoidance, and 8GB internal storage.

Now its negative points.  The drone has slightly jerky gimbal controls.  It needs multiple batteries for a great flying experience, and its range should be improved.

DJI Mavic Air’s Price And Availability

The drone is now available in the market.  It costs $799 or 769 pounds or AU$1299) in Amazon, for the drone and its accessories.  For the Fly More Combo $999 (949 pounds or AU$ 1599).

The DJI Mavic Air is cheaper than its bigger in all ways Pro siblings.  If you buy the drone, you will also get a battery, the proprietary charger, and a redesigned remote controller.  You also get a carrying case, four propeller guards, and two full sets of propellers.

The Drone’s Image Quality

The drone has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and 4K video at 100 Mbps.  It also has 12MP HDR stills and 32MP panoramas.  ISO100-1600 for video and stills; ISO100-3200 for still in manual mode.  Its narrow ISO range does not affect image quality, except in low light conditions.

The Battery Life Of The Drone

The DJI Mavic Air has 22 minutes of battery life.  It fully charges in 55 minutes.  It has closer to 18 minutes of true flight time per battery.  Its remote battery life is 3 hours and fully charges in 3.5 hours.  For better performance of the drone, the Fly More bundle’s three batteries and charging hub is recommended.

The Final Verdict On The DJI Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air is the best drone for most people.  The reason for this is because of the fact that it fits top specs into a pocketable drone form factor.  Although its camera could have been better, it still captures excellent footages.  At $799, the drone is a very good buy.

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PageCloud: The Best Drag and Drop DIY Website Builder?

Those of us who can’t code (even basic HTML) and have no EQ to learn even basic Photoshop can now create a website with the help of PageCloud. Wix, a similar platform seemed manna from heaven for those like me who have but elementary skills. In fact, if I may say so myself, I guess I nailed it! But after some time, I sort of wanted more and decided to take PageCloud for a spin.

Signing up for the 14-day trial is a breeze. You can do so using your Facebook, Google or email account and get logged in immediately without giving credit card or Paypal information. After signing up, you immediately enter the EDITOR where you literally can customize everything. The great thing about it is that it does the site on both the desktop and mobile view!


The THEMES look fresh and minimalist. Nothing that screams overdone. There’s one that can be adapted for needs -be it a personal website, design, coffee shop and more. After choosing your theme, go ahead and give your site a name. You can always add the domain later.

And for those who have doubts that they could do this, no worries! Once you submit your chosen name, a tutorial video promptly comes up as if conjured by some unseen webmaster! Click on the short video and get your artistic (marketing?) juices flowing.

Text and Photos are easily added. With Text, it’s WYSIWYG so you just basically edit onscreen. With photos, you can easily cut-and-paste or drag and drop from your hard drive, photo-editing application like Photoshop or from the cloud. The images are automatically optimized and easily rearranged. To increase functionality, you can integrate it with around other apps. This way, you can track your site’s performance better, sell, connect a newsletter – pretty much like how you would do it in WordPress without buying all the modules and having an advanced user, designer or developer put it together. With the flexibility and easy customization that PageCloud offers you are at the helm with no fears of dropping the ball. Help is there whenever you need it; from the chat box on the lower right to the knowledge base that’s easily accessible.

Click on the text box to edit contents. You can also change the style, arrange the order and link to external and internal pages. Create a link at will if there isn’t any yet. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. There’s plenty for those who know their way around websites – click on advanced to tweak the script editor, CSS selector, and data attributes.

Images can also be edited, replaced, and deleted. Once you’ve inserted an image just click on the box and you can edit pretty much like you did with the text. You can play around with styles, rearrange, and link. Additionally, you can edit the image SEO, mode and zoom.


Sections can be edited and pages added. Like other regular websites made from scratch, you can add video, forms, and buttons. it’s also so easy to undo, redo, and save. For those who are more adventurous and want to start from scratch, you can do that too.

So do I like this browser-based website creation platform from Canada? Yes, I do! But the caveat is, don’t wing this. Creating a website is not like just putting in everything from the top of your head. Know what you want to put in and use the most succinct text and pictures. It’s all you – just made easier by PageCloud.

Pricing is as simple as the sign-up page. Depending on whether you want to get charged for the whole year ($20/month) or monthly ($24/month) you enjoy:

  • Hosting & Security
  • Unlimited Pages & Storage
  • Expert Su‍‍‍pport
  • Mobile Websites
  • Free Themes
  • Custom Domains
  • 3 Team Members
  • 70+ Integrations

The annual subscription perks are hard to ignore. For the first year, it includes the Free Domain Name and Google G Suite (includes branded email)‍‍‍. And yes, there’s help when you need it so you can have the website that’s been sitting in your mind for the longest time out there where you can inform, sell, and market.

Can Nokia Compete On The Smartphone Market

Can Nokia Still Make It In The Smartphone Market?

With all the tough competiton around, can Nokia compete in the smartphone market?  Nokia has to show the public that it can still make it in the market despite competition.

In a market where  Samsung and Apple are enjoying a comfortable spot in the global market, Nokia has to make enough space and  itself fit into it.  Despite the fact that it has shipped over 70 million phones between December 2016 and 2017, the company’s resurrection is nothing short of remarkable.

Nokia’s Resurrection

Nokia’s recent resurgence came with the launching of the company’s new devices.  With its resurrection came Nokia 2, and Nokia 6 smartphones. They are also reviving famous models from the company’s archives, such as the 3310 and the 8110.

Nokia And HMD Global

HMD Global is the company that owns Nokia.  They have announced that they were able to raise $100 million in funding from various investment companies.  Because of this, HMD Global’s market valuation has increased to over $1 billion, making it an elusive unicorn company.

But Nokia still has many obstacles to overcome.  For it to regain its place in the smartphone market, Nokia must first overcome these.

The Dominance Of Apple And Samsung

Market analyst IDC said Samsung and Apple has controlled almost 40 percent of the global smartphone market share.  That is for the first quarter of 2018 alone.

It will be hard for other players to operate in this condition.  Apple commands fierce brand loyalty while Samsung never stops when it comes to innovation.  Samsung first introduced the edge-to-edge display.

Nokia’s Failure In The Market

“Failure to keep up in the market will destroy a brand quickly.”  This is what happened to Nokia.  It controlled 36.9 percent of mobile phone sales in the global market in 2007.  In just a matter of five years, Nokia’s market share had dropped to 19.2 percent.  By 2014, competition succeeded in overtaking Nokia.

A Big Challenge For Nokia

With competition dominating the global market, where will Nokia find its place?  Japanese and Chinese market have Oppo and Huawei as dominant in their market.  And it will be difficult for Nokia to compete with them.

Probably the Indian market can accommodate Nokia.  This part of the globe is hungry for the latest in technology.  The Indian market is vast, and fast growing, given their large population.  India might be a potential cash cow for the Finnish brand, but catering to a billion customers in one territory is not a mean feat.

Nokia’s Move To Succed

It will be hard to take away users from their beloved iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices.  In order to compete with these devices, Nokia has the brand recognition and the intuitive Android One OS to help pull this off.  But of course a top-notch hardware is also needed.

People are buying more expensive phones.  And it might just leave Nokia room to succeed.

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Newest VPN Reviews

Newest VPN Reviews For VPN Providers

With a lot of VPN providers today, here are the newest VPN reviews for some of them.  These reviews are for the top ten VPN providers.  Hopefully it will help you make a decision on what VPN to use.


For NordVPN, it has over 1800 servers.  You can use up to six devices at the same time.  It is compatible with Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, and Maxdom.  Also with HBO, Hulu, Sky, Champions League, NBA, NHL, etcetera.

It is the best VPN for online streaming, and also for anonymous surfing.  P2P, Filesharing, and Torrenting is possible with NordVPN.  It also has a 24/7 Support via Live-Chat, E-Mail, or Website Contact Form.


Avira has servers in 34 locations all over the world.   You can use up to five devices at the same time.  It has an intuitive and easy to understand user interface.  It also has a good structured knowledge database and FAQ section.


This VPN provider has servers in 30 locations worldwide.  Up to six devices may be used at the same time.  It has 24/7 Support via Live-Chat and E-Mail.  ZenMate boasts of very fast servers with low latency.


With HideMyAss, you can use up to five devices at the same time.  It has servers in more than 190 countries all over the world.  Its app and software is easy to use.  24/7 Support via Live-Chat and E-Mail is also available.


This VPN provider has 1,700 servers all over the world and has the highest anonymity.  You may use up to 3 devices at the same time.  You can have access to movies, TV series, and spotr livestreams.  It has 24/7 Support via Live-Chat, E-Mail, or Website Contact Form.  Filesharing, P2P, and Torrenting is possible.


SaferVPN has servers in more than 30 countries.  It has Kill-Switch and DNS-Leak protection.  You can use upto 5 devices at the same time.  This VPN provider has automatic port diagnostics.


Servers in more than 140 countries, up to 5 devices at the same time is what PureVPN provides.  It has its own DSN server and has Supporting Split Tunneling Function.


HIDEme is P2P friendly.  It has 125 servers in more than 30 countries.  Up to 5 devices may be used at the same time.


With over 1300 servers in 60 countries, you can use up to 7 devices at the same time.  CyberGhost has its own DSN server and 24/7 Support via E-Mail.

IPVanish VPN

Lastly, IPVanish VPN.  It has servers in 60 countries all over the world and is good for streaming.  It has Kill-Switch function and 24/7 Support via E-Mail.

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The War Between Personal Privacy Vs. Public Security

Personal Privacy Versus Public Security Battle

There is an existing conflict between personal privacy versus public security.  With the many crimes happening around us, almost everybody is concerned with their privacy and security.

By personal privacy, it means keeping things about us in private.  Anything personal about ourselves we keep to ourselves, or just a few trusted people may know about it.  By Public security, we mean keeping the public safe and away from any harmful incidents.

Personal Privacy word cloud on white cloud

Personal Privacy

Privacy is the ability of an individual or a group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves.  It is important because it helps individuals maintain their autonomy and individuality.

Personal privacy is a fairly new concept.  People used to live in close-knit communities, totally concerned with each other’s lives.  The notion that privacy is an important part of personal security is newer, and often contested.

Privacy has long been a luxury for rich people, and it is still often treated that way.  It is considered as a disposable asset, nice to have but not really essential.  But in an average community, it is natural for people to have very little privacy.

Public Security

Public security is one of the obligations of the government.  They must ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.  The government must see to it that no harm will fall upon its citizenry.  They must protect the persons, and institutions against threats.

To be able to keep the public safe, the government, and people in authority must ensure proper enforcement of the law.

Personal Privacy And Public Security

When technical security is treated as a trade-off between public security and privacy, the primacy of the former is accepted.  The constant demand for “golden key” back doors so that encrypted phones can be accessed will inevitable be vulnerable to hackers, and other bad actors.  The question of whether the government should implement it will still be morally complex.

Strict implementation of security just reinforces the notion that privacy is for the rich. Breach of phone data it may mean that people may have access to and might probably use personal information about other people.  And it does not sound good.

In comes security then.  Researchers and developers have introduced different applications and devices to secure privacy.  This is the wonder of technology.  Being able to know the proper means and ways of protecting your privacy can help make it secure.

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