4 U.S. Cities in Dire Need of Tech Professionals


The technology boom in the United States not only continues unabated, but it is also challenging previous notions about which cities are suitable places for start-up businesses. Now, the tech scene is burgeoning in many different locales. Here are some of the cities that have a critical need for workers in the technology field.

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is a burgeoning startup city due to the success of government incentives in luring new businesses to the city. In addition, the presence of the University of Buffalo has helped incubate new industries. Buffalo has award programs for new business ideas that have spurred innovation. Combined with affordable housing, a general reputation as an up-and-coming city, and its proximity to Toronto’s mega economy, Buffalo is fast becoming a technology hub.

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Salt Lake City, UT

As the rising “Silicon Slopes,” Salt Lake City boasts the presence of several major technology companies, including Adobe Systems and SanDisk. The area features a steady economy and a long history of private-public partnership that furthers new startups. In addition, there is a growing population that is highly educated. Salt Lake City has a thorough infrastructure, both in terms of transit and broadband. This makes the area a magnet for new businesses and workers. Utah has a track record of being an early mover with respect to adopting new technologies.

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Huntsville, AL

The presence of multiple government agencies in Huntsville draws technology companies to the region. Huntsville got its start as a technology hub when NASA established operations in the city. When government workers in the area seek to transition to the private sector, it gives businesses an ample supply of skilled workers. In addition, the affordable housing is a draw. One in every six workers in the city now works in a science or technology job, and Huntsville has the largest increase of tech jobs in the country.

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Lincoln, NE

Lincoln has put Nebraska on the map for technology. The presence of the University of Nebraska gives both research support and a supply of skilled graduates, making companies locate here. Lincoln draws many software companies seeking a home. The quality of life in the city makes this an attractive location for technology companies.

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Silicon Valley is no longer the only game in town for technology companies. As companies disperse across the country, many cities have a critical need for skilled technology workers.

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