The Motorola E4 Plus Reviews

Reviews Of The Motorola E4 Plus

The reviews for the Motorola E4 Plus are now out.  The smartphone, which was launched on June 2017, has 5.5-inch touchscreen display.  The Moto E4 Plus is said to have a longer battery life and is cheaper than the Moto E4.

The Motorola E4 PLus Good Points

For starters, the Moto E4 Plus has a huge battery.  It is powered by a 5000mAh non removable battery.  A bigger battery mans longer battery life for your gadget, which can last up to two days. This is a big plus for smartphone users who are after longer battery life for their phones.

It has a fingerprint scanner.  This is another good point for the Moto E4 Plus.  You can be assured of your device’s security because of this fingerprint scanner.

The Motorola E4 Plus has a premium feel for a budget phone.  Price wise, this device is cheaper than its sibling Moto E4 or the much more expensive Moto G5.

The “Not So Good” Points Of Moto E4 Plus

Now for the most exciting part – the negative points.  The Moto E4 Plus has limited power.  If you want a more powerful phone, then this is not the right device for you.

Its camera is not that good.  It packs a 13 megapixel primary camera on the rear and 5 megapixel front shooter for selfies with LED flash.  You have to really work hard to get a good shot with this camera.

Another negative point for the Motorola E4 Plus is its weight.  It is quite heavy.  It weighs 198 g, which is relatively heavy for a smartphone.

Other Opinions on The Motorola E4 Plus

Since its release last June 2017, many have tried the said device.  Naturally, it has gathered varied reactions and opinions from its users.  The Moto E4 Plus is a phone packed with a huge battery and trying to up the specs despite the low end price.

Other users claim that there is something wrong with its software.  It does not seem to function as it should.  Some say the display is the worst part of the phone.  It is far too big to have such a low resolution.

There are more feedback, both positive and negative, for the Motorola E4 Plus.

The Final Verdict

Generally, the Motorola E4 Plus is a good buy.  If you are not that too keen about the power of your device this is a good phone.  If you are not that too technical about your device, then you can settle for the Motorola E4 Plus.

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Excited For 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Season 2 For 13 Reasons Why

No concrete details about 13 Reasons Why’s season 2 yet.  People behind the show are tight-lipped about it.  Just to ease your excitement, here are some information about the Netflix hit show.

Exclusive Song

The season 2 soundtrack has a song written by Selena Gomez exclusively for the show.  According to her, the song’s title is “Back To You”, which was out May 10th.  According to er the lyrics totally describe the connection between Hannah and Clay.  Gomez said this is part of the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, and that she is excited to share it with the public.

Premiered Eighteenth Of May

The show premiered May 18th.  The show has only just begun.  But reports say that Netflix was urged to cancel 13 Reasons Why after a “horrifying” rape scene.

The Show Has Two Chilling Trailers

There are two trailer.  Both trailers are “chilling”.  The first trailer features Polaroid and is artsy and mysterious.  The second trailer is straight forward and reveals some clues as to what might happen to the show.

More Details About The Show

Here are more details about the show:

  • There is going to be a time jump
  • Hannah will have a large role in the story despite her death in season 1
  • Hannah will no longer narrate the series
  • No more cassette tapes
  • We will get to hear Hannah’s classmate’s side of the story
  • It will address current issues happening, like gender equality
  • The Hannah of the past is gone

Other Details Of The Show

  1. New Hannah and Clay scenes will not be that many
  2. Jessica’s story will take center stage
  3. It will explore how girls and boys are raised differently
  4. New characters will be around
  5. Season 2 will not be as dark as season 1
  6. Clay and Skye could get closer
  7. You will get answers
  8. This is just as relevant as season one
  9. How will they address the backlash?
  10. The show may be triggering if you struggle with suicidal thoughts
  11. There are already thoughts of a third season

These are just some of the details you should look out for the show.  But with the backlash on the show, will it still go on?

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Boosted Mini S Electric S Electric Skateboard Review

Review Of The Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini S electric skateboard is on review.  Those who have used and encountered this board have good things to say about this.  According to them, the Boosted Mini S is the best electric skateboard for every one.

Some Of The Reviews And Opinions

Here are some of the reviews and opinions of the public.  One review said that the good things about the Boosted is it is easy to carry around.  At $749, it costs half the price of Boosted electric long boards. Its build quality is topnotch and it boasts of serious performance.  The bad things are it remote charges with Mini USB and weighs almost the same as bigger Boosted boards.

Another reaction and opinion of a Boosted Mini S user said that it is just the right size.  Long Boards are bigger and hard to bring around with you.  But with the Boosted Mini S, you can carry it around.  The negative reaction is its weight.  For a small board, it weighs 16.8 pounds (1.8 pounds is for its battery).  But it is no big deal since you will be spending more time riding it than dragging it around with you.

The Board’s Weight Issue

When asked about the weight of the Boosted Mini S, its makers said that they have maintained the almost the same weight of all their boards in order to deliver the same vehicle performance.

Their boards, the long boards or the short ones, remain at par with each other when it comes to performance and quality.  Because of this, the Boosted boards greatly exceeds its competitors.

More About The Boosted Mini S

The mini S is not comparable to other small electric skateboards.  Most cheaper electric skateboards use a hub-driven motor.  It is usually found within one or two of its wheels.  The Mini S, however, sticks to Boosted’s belt-driven motor system.

By using a belt-driven motor, the Mini S has an edge over other hub-driven electric skateboards in top speed and range.

The General Opinion On The Boosted Mini S

Generally, the Boosted Mini S is the best electric skateboard for everyone.  It is a good buy for its price.  It is convenient to use and carry around.  Despite of its weight, performance-wise, way exceeds its competitors.

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Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act Is Needed As Early As Now

Data Protection Act For Artificial Intelligence Is Needed Now

Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act is badly needed by our society.  AI has grown rapidly in the past years.  This growth has affected our lives and has crated a great impact on it.  Thus the need for the Artificial Intelligence data: The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act (AIDPA).

Who Created The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act

The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act was proposed and  created by Bradford K. Newman.  He is the the chair of the Paul Hastings’ Employee Mobility and Trade Secret Practice.  He is also the author of Protecting Intellectual Property In The Age Of  Employee Mobility: Forms And Analysis.

Why Now Is The Time For The AIDPA

There are three most recent developments which confirm why now is the time for the AIDPA.  1) Articficial Intelligence has now created IP with little or no human involvement.  And it continues to be programmed, tested, and used to do so.  2) Tech giants and regulators  acknowledge the reality that companies that create and use Artificial Intelligence must be at least partially responsible for reducing the impact on AI displaced workers.  And 3) A  study revealed that up 800 million workers around the world would lose their jobs to Artificial Intelligence by 2030.  Automation will take over half of the contemporary work functions in 2055.  Arificial Intelligence and automation could also threaten forty-seven percent of jobs in the US.

Society’s Role On This Issue

The recent developments clearly show that society must act upon this issue.  It must address the legal, economic, and social implications of Artificial Intelligence with regard to IP and employment.  This is the reason why we need the AIDPA.

The AIDPA will provide the industry with a voice in regulating AI while promoting its safe, secure, and ethical use.  Leaders in technology, industry, and ethics should join together to finalize and enact the AIDPA.

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How To Be An Effective Virtual Artist

Be An Effective Virtual Artist

How to be an effective virtual artist.  This is the primary goal of those involved in virtual arts.  The usual perception most of us has is that artists are different from non-artists.  In reality, anyone can become an artist, regardless of their experience or “talent”.

Anybody Can Be An Artist

Anyone can learn how to draw, or paint, and be an expert at it.  All it needs is knowledge, practice, and dedication to the craft and be and “expert” level artist.  But in order to reach this level, one must at least possess several, if not all, characteristics that are frequently observed in successful artists.  This means that an individual must acquire at least some, or all, of the traits of a successful artist to be one.

Although some artists are born with the skills and talent, it does not mean those not born with it can not become artists.  People are adaptable.  We can become or be anyone we like if we set our minds to it.

These characteristics are not only confined to virtual artists.  Be it in music, dance, and theater, these characteristics are universal.  Meaning all effective artists have it.  These characteristics are consistent in all artists.

Artists Take Risks

This is one of the most notable traits of an artist.  You are not an artist if you do not take risks.  One thing about the risk-taking characteristic of artists is that they are calculated and based on experience, especially in the virtual world.  These risks are not done on impulse or without considerable thought.  The risks that virtual artists take are not reckless, but not safe by any measure.

One example on how we can adapt the risk-taking traits of artists is to do experiments.  If you are a traditional painter, for example, why not venture into the virtual world.  Expand your horizons and be a virtual artist. Real artists find excitement in risks and often take them.

Artists Are Not Afraid To Make Mistakes

Fear keeps us from experiencing so many wonderful things in life.  It makes us feel safe at ties, but fear is the most crippling emotions felt by an individual.

Artists are not exactly fearless, but they recognize that mistakes are apart of the creative process and they are not afraid to make them.  Not every work of art is perfect.  They have their flaws.  Many of us stop at the first sign of an imperfection.  As we grow frustrated over it, the work never gets completed.  Artists on the other hand, move on and pursue their desired goal.

In the virtual world, virtual artists must never give up when they make mistakes.  The advancement and development of virtual technology depend on them.  If they give up, who will give us the innovations that we enjoy with virtual arts.

Artists Do Not Care Of What Others May Think

Admittedly, most of us are always thinking of what others may think about us, or our work.  Artists crave for feedback and opinions.  They like it if others criticize their work, be it constructively or otherwise.  They learn from these criticisms, feedback, and opinions and improve their work.

Virtual artists base their future work on criticisms, feedback, opinions, and reviews of the public.  Be it on the champions of the games they have created, or on the special effects, and many more.  These opinions help virtual artists develop better outputs.

Motivation And Creativity

Artists need to be motivated and creative.  Motivation to have the drive to create new things.  The best virtual artists are those who motivate themselves and use their imagination to create heroes and champions, come up with games for us to enjoy, and much more.

With the innovations and technology and tech tools which may be used to enhance our imagination and creativity, why not adapt these traits. And explore the exciting world of a virtual artist.






A Review Of The Apple iPad 2018

Apple iPad’s 2018 Review

The Apple iPad received its review for 2018.  The 9.7 inch device from Apple has been reviewed by the public.  AS reviews go, some are positive and there are negative opinions as well.  Here are some of those opinions and reviews.

The Good Reviews

The 2018 entry-level iPad supports the Apple Pencil for art work and annotation.  It adds a faster A10 processor.  iOS continues to offer the best overall selection of free and paid apps on affordable tablets.

The Bad Review

It lacks the bigger, better screen, quad speakers, and Smart Connector found on pricier iPad Pros.  The Pencil, case and keyboard add-ons will bring the price up to laptop level.

The Bottom Line

The entry-level 2018 iPad does not add much.  But it makes an already excellent tablet a better buy than ever.

The iPad For Everyone

Basically, the 2018 Apple iPad is a 2017 model with a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil. It ha a pricey stylus that lets you draw and make art work on screen with remarkable accuracy.  Its price is the same as last year’s model, starting at $329, for the 32GB model.  128GB and LTE cellular options cost more.

For schools, it is unclear how useful the new iPad is.  The device was unveiled by Apple at a March event in Chicago touting its commitment to education.  But if we consider the price of the 2018 iPad, it still feels like a miss to its primary Chromebook competitors.

But for average consumers, this updated iPad feels like a solid, ultrabudget Amazon Fire tablet.  But the adition of the Pencil support is the icing on the cake of what was already a top-notch consumer device.  The world of iOs is full of everythin.  Even without the fancy screen upgrades of the iPad Pro, the Retina screen remains gorgeous and responsive.

Google And Fitbit’s Alliance Is A Bit Risky

Alliance Between Google And Fitbit Is A Bit Risky

Fitbit’s health alliance with Google could be a risky experiment.  These two companies introduced a new partnership on healthcare.  Fitbit will expand shopper and endeavor well being answers that can use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare software programming interface.

Fitbit will additionally transfer to the Google Cloud Platform to innovate and advance its services. The Transfer will permit Fitbit to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and security measures.  This is in addition to Google’s synthetic intelligence and device studying functions, and its new predictive analytic algorithms.

Cloud Healthcare API

Google and Fitbit are exploring the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions.  Fitbit intends to use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API.  This is to help the company integrate further into the healthcare system.  This may include connecting user data with electronic medical records (EMR).  This will provide the patients and clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient profile, which will lead to more personalized care.

The companies will also look into help better manage chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes.  This may be done by using Fitbit’s  recently acquired Twine Health.  Using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, Twine can make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, helping lead to better health outcomes and positive returns.

With this innovation by the two companies, they will have the opportunity to deliver up-to-date information to providers, enhancing their ability to follow and manage the health of their patients and guide their treatment.

Why The Alliance Between Google And Fitbit May Be Risky

There are two drawbacks to this deal.  First, Fitbit customers will have privacy concerns.  The partnership with Google increases the anxiety around that.  Second, Google’s history with wearables is not exactly positive.

Healthcare is a sensitive topic.  The potential opposite of health is death.

ID Will Be Required For Political-Leaning Advertisers

Advertisers With Political Leanings Will Be Required With IDs

Google will require IDs for political-leaning advertisers to verify their identity.  The company will also produce a transparency report and a searchable database.  New transparency rules concerning US election ads will be implemented by Google this week.

A Requirement To Purchase Election Ads

Google Senior Vice President Ken Walker says that anyone who wants to purchase election ads in the US will now be required to prove that they are US citizens or residents by providing a government-issued ID and other key information.

The company will also begin to release a new Transparency Report that will show who is purchasing political ads.  This report will also show how much the advertisers are spending.  A “searchable library” will also be rolled out for users to search through to find the identity of advertisers.  The ID requirement is not only for advertisers but for page managers, as well.

 Facebook Has The Same Requirement

It is not only Google who will implement the ID requirement.  Facebook also said that it will require these advertisers to verify their identity and location.  This is not only for “political ads” but for “issue ads” also.  By issue ads we mean promoting views on key political issues – like abortion and Second Amendment rights.

The company says artificial intelligence and actual humans will comb through advertisers. Users can also report ads that are political in nature but missing verification.

Large Page Managers

The identity and location verification does not only apply to advertisers.  Managers of “large” pages must also do the same.  Facebook has not elaborated on what constitutes large pages.  But the company said that the managers of those large pages will have to demonstrate where they live and who they are.  The reason for this identity and location verification is this should make fake Pages harder to spring up and for them to go viral.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a post announcing these changes today, and said that the company support the proposed Honest Ads Act.  According to Zuckerberg, “this will help raise the bar for all political advertising online.”




Freelancing : Ethics, Perks and Disadvantages

Ethics, Perks, And Disadvantages Of Freelancing

Freelancing has its perks and disadvantages and professional ethics must be observed. This enables you to work freely with different companies at the same time. Freelancing is common with journalists, and photographers.

Perks Of Freelancing

Some people prefer being freelancers rather than be permanently employed. This is because of different views, and because they are agreeable of the perks that freelancing gives them. Here are some of the perks of freelancing:

1) Your income has no limit. Meaning, its potential for earning more as compared with having a stable job is better. Since you are not restricted with just one employer, the opportunity for you to find other jobs is there. It all depends on your drive and eagerness to look for more projects.

2) You can have a flexible lifestyle. Since you do not have to follow strict working hours, you will have more time for other things. You can work at your convenience in some cases, so no reason for you to be stressed and haggard. Time management is the key.

3) You get to have a variety of projects. Because you are free to do as you please, you can work on several projects at the same time. These projects may be varied. So this makes work more exciting.

4) Continuous learning. Each project requires something different. So in order for you to be able to give the best result or output, you have to educate yourself with things related to the projects. So there is constant learning and never a dull moment.

5) More Prospective Clients. Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to have a broader network. Clients may introduce or refer you to prospective clients. This makes having more work a possibility. Or these new acquaintances may teach you a thing or to improve your craft.

The Disadvantages Of Freelancing

Although the perks of freelancing outweigh its downsides, it still has disadvantages. Among them are:

1) Paying Taxes. Since no taxes are being taken from your paycheck, you need to set aside part of your earnings and go through the trouble of paying the government at the end of the year.

2) Picking your projects. If you need money, it is not safe to accept every project that may come your way. It may mean disaster for you. You need to choose the projects that will suit you. This way, you will be able to deliver a satisfactory work.

3) Getting paid. If you have a regular job, you are assured of being paid on payday. No need for you to go after your boss and “beg” him to cut you a check. With freelancing, you need to go after your clients and make sure that you get paid especially when you get the work done.

4) Possibility of getting sued. If anything happens to a project, you are usually to blame. So in every project you do make sure you are prepared for whatever circumstances.

5) Paperwork. Contracts and invoices are not your problem if you have a regular job. But with freelancing, you need to be meticulous about documents, contracts, and invoices. Keep a file for it in every project you have. This may be your basis and may even serve as evidence in case something goes wrong with the project and the client sues you.

6) Proving yourself constantly. You always have to prove yourself to people, especially to prospective clients. You need to always show them how good you are. Making current and past clients satisfied with your work may help. So you need to always show them that you are good in what you are doing.

Work Ethics

In every kind of work, there are ethics to follow. No need to memorize them. Most of the ethics at work just need common sense. So using our common sense, here are some ethics to be observed, not just with freelancing, but with other jobs as well:

1) Never “steal” projects from other people. Especially if you like the project and would to everything to have it. If it is really meant for you, you will get it. Who knows, the client might not be satisfied with somebody else’s work and gives it to you. It happens, you know.

2) Respect. Big word. But you need this not just for yourself but for your client and your project as well. If you have respect, things will be realized easily.

3) Finally, just use your common sense. Be sensitive to people and things around you, especially those involved with your projects. Practice professionalism always.
With all these having said, it’s your choice if you opt to be freelancer or have a stable, regular-paying job.

Websites With Legit Job Hiring Links

Job Hiring Websites With Legit Links

Websites with legit job hiring links are available on line.  Over two decades ago, before the rise of the internet, people look for jobs the traditional way.  Meaning, they go to job fairs, look for companies with job openings, and scan the classified ads section of newspapers.  Some even find jobs by word of mouth or through referrals.

If they find the job openings which fit them, they apply personally.  With them they bring their Bio-data (we call it Resume now), and other credentials.  They will then go through interviews, exams, etcetera.  All these with long waits in between.  Imagine how much time is wasted by these people when they look for jobs.  They also get to spend for fare, food, and other expenses they might incur during their job hunting.

Job Hunting And Hiring Today

How lucky we are today.  We do not have to go through the agony of looking for jobs the hard way.  We have the internet now.  People can look for jobs, apply, and be hired online.  But be warned.  Make sure that the site you are applying in is legitimate.  So how will you know if it is a legit website?  Check out the rest of this article for legit job-hiring websites.

The best place to start looking for a job is Glassdoor.  It has the most new job postings everyday.  Glassdoor compliments that freshness with an in depth look at the companies posting them.  All the important questions asked by job applicants are already answered here.  Even the question about salary.  It also shows the company’s profile and other data which may help you see if that particular job suits you.

Another site is Indeed.  When it comes to pure coverage, Indeed is the heavy hitter.  Its algorithms were unparalleled.  Meaning, there is a better chance that jobs posted on other boards may be found here.  It lets companies post job openings for free, making it the first stop for most companies.

Another site to check out is LinkedIn.  It may be in the middle of the pack when compared with Glassdoor and Indeed.  But it is such a powerful working tool that recommending it is a must.  This site shows job seekers how to get referrals.

Online job hunting is the trend now.  You get to earn more in terms of salary or pay.  And you do not have to leave the confines of your home and struggle with traffic and rush hour.  So with these tips on where to look for jobs with legitimate links, let us reduce the percentage of jobless individuals worldwide.
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