The Motorola E4 Plus Reviews


Reviews Of The Motorola E4 Plus

The reviews for the Motorola E4 Plus are now out. The smartphone, which was launched on June 2017, has 5.5-inch touchscreen display. The Moto E4 Plus is said to have a longer battery life and is cheaper than the Moto E4.

Moto E4 Plus

The Motorola E4 PLus Good Points

For starters, the Moto E4 Plus has a huge battery. It is powered by a 5000mAh non removable battery. A bigger battery mans longer battery life for your gadget, which can last up to two days. This is a big plus for smartphone users who are after longer battery life for their phones.

It has a fingerprint scanner. This is another good point for the Moto E4 Plus. You can be assured of your device’s security because of this fingerprint scanner.

The Motorola E4 Plus has a premium feel for a budget phone. Price wise, this device is cheaper than its sibling Moto E4 or the much more expensive Moto G5.

The “Not So Good” Points Of Moto E4 Plus

Now for the most exciting part – the negative points. The Moto E4 Plus has limited power. If you want a more powerful phone, then this is not the right device for you.

Its camera is not that good. It packs a 13 megapixel primary camera on the rear and 5 megapixel front shooter for selfies with LED flash. You have to really work hard to get a good shot with this camera.

Another negative point for the Motorola E4 Plus is its weight. It is quite heavy. It weighs 198 g, which is relatively heavy for a smartphone.

Other Opinions on The Motorola E4 Plus

Since its release last June 2017, many have tried the said device. Naturally, it has gathered varied reactions and opinions from its users. The Moto E4 Plus is a phone packed with a huge battery and trying to up the specs despite the low end price.

Other users claim that there is something wrong with its software. It does not seem to function as it should. Some say the display is the worst part of the phone. It is far too big to have such a low resolution.

There are more feedback, both positive and negative, for the Motorola E4 Plus.

The Final Verdict

Generally, the Motorola E4 Plus is a good buy. If you are not that too keen about the power of your device this is a good phone. If you are not that too technical about your device, then you can settle for the Motorola E4 Plus.

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