Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act Is Needed As Early As Now


Data Protection Act For Artificial Intelligence Is Needed Now

Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act is badly needed by our society. AI has grown rapidly in the past years. This growth has affected our lives and has crated a great impact on it. Thus the need for the Artificial Intelligence data: The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act (AIDPA).

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Who Created The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act

The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act was proposed and created by Bradford K. Newman. He is the the chair of the Paul Hastings’ Employee Mobility and Trade Secret Practice. He is also the author of Protecting Intellectual Property In The Age Of Employee Mobility: Forms And Analysis.

Why Now Is The Time For The AIDPA

There are three most recent developments which confirm why now is the time for the AIDPA. 1) Articficial Intelligence has now created IP with little or no human involvement. And it continues to be programmed, tested, and used to do so. 2) Tech giants and regulators acknowledge the reality that companies that create and use Artificial Intelligence must be at least partially responsible for reducing the impact on AI displaced workers. And 3) A study revealed that up 800 million workers around the world would lose their jobs to Artificial Intelligence by 2030. Automation will take over half of the contemporary work functions in 2055. Arificial Intelligence and automation could also threaten forty-seven percent of jobs in the US.

Society’s Role On This Issue

The recent developments clearly show that society must act upon this issue. It must address the legal, economic, and social implications of Artificial Intelligence with regard to IP and employment. This is the reason why we need the AIDPA.

The AIDPA will provide the industry with a voice in regulating AI while promoting its safe, secure, and ethical use. Leaders in technology, industry, and ethics should join together to finalize and enact the AIDPA.

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