Boosted Mini S Electric S Electric Skateboard Review


Review Of The Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini S electric skateboard is on review. Those who have used and encountered this board have good things to say about this. According to them, the Boosted Mini S is the best electric skateboard for every one.

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Some Of The Reviews And Opinions

Here are some of the reviews and opinions of the public. One review said that the good things about the Boosted is it is easy to carry around. At $749, it costs half the price of Boosted electric long boards. Its build quality is topnotch and it boasts of serious performance. The bad things are it remote charges with Mini USB and weighs almost the same as bigger Boosted boards.

Another reaction and opinion of a Boosted Mini S user said that it is just the right size. Long Boards are bigger and hard to bring around with you. But with the Boosted Mini S, you can carry it around. The negative reaction is its weight. For a small board, it weighs 16.8 pounds (1.8 pounds is for its battery). But it is no big deal since you will be spending more time riding it than dragging it around with you.

The Board’s Weight Issue

When asked about the weight of the Boosted Mini S, its makers said that they have maintained the almost the same weight of all their boards in order to deliver the same vehicle performance.

Their boards, the long boards or the short ones, remain at par with each other when it comes to performance and quality. Because of this, the Boosted boards greatly exceeds its competitors.

More About The Boosted Mini S

The mini S is not comparable to other small electric skateboards. Most cheaper electric skateboards use a hub-driven motor. It is usually found within one or two of its wheels. The Mini S, however, sticks to Boosted’s belt-driven motor system.

By using a belt-driven motor, the Mini S has an edge over other hub-driven electric skateboards in top speed and range.

The General Opinion On The Boosted Mini S

Generally, the Boosted Mini S is the best electric skateboard for everyone. It is a good buy for its price. It is convenient to use and carry around. Despite of its weight, performance-wise, way exceeds its competitors.

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