Excited For 13 Reasons Why Season 2


Season 2 For 13 Reasons Why

No concrete details about 13 Reasons Why’s season 2 yet. People behind the show are tight-lipped about it. Just to ease your excitement, here are some information about the Netflix hit show.

13 reasons why

Exclusive Song

The season 2 soundtrack has a song written by Selena Gomez exclusively for the show. According to her, the song’s title is “Back To You”, which was out May 10th. According to er the lyrics totally describe the connection between Hannah and Clay. Gomez said this is part of the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, and that she is excited to share it with the public.

Premiered Eighteenth Of May

The show premiered May 18th. The show has only just begun. But reports say that Netflix was urged to cancel 13 Reasons Why after a “horrifying” rape scene.

The Show Has Two Chilling Trailers

There are two trailer. Both trailers are “chilling”. The first trailer features Polaroid and is artsy and mysterious. The second trailer is straight forward and reveals some clues as to what might happen to the show.

More Details About The Show

Here are more details about the show:

  • There is going to be a time jump
  • Hannah will have a large role in the story despite her death in season 1
  • Hannah will no longer narrate the series
  • No more cassette tapes
  • We will get to hear Hannah’s classmate’s side of the story
  • It will address current issues happening, like gender equality
  • The Hannah of the past is gone

Other Details Of The Show

  1. New Hannah and Clay scenes will not be that many
  2. Jessica’s story will take center stage
  3. It will explore how girls and boys are raised differently
  4. New characters will be around
  5. Season 2 will not be as dark as season 1
  6. Clay and Skye could get closer
  7. You will get answers
  8. This is just as relevant as season one
  9. How will they address the backlash?
  10. The show may be triggering if you struggle with suicidal thoughts
  11. There are already thoughts of a third season

These are just some of the details you should look out for the show. But with the backlash on the show, will it still go on?

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