E3 2018 Command and Conquer: Rivals Announced

Command And Conquer: Rivals Announced By E3 This 2018

E3 announced their new mobile game this 2018, Command And Conquer: Rivals.  This is a new 1×1 competitive real-time tactics mobile game.  It is not often that E3 throws up something interesting on mobile.

It is a shame,though, that C&C had to be used to give a new mobile game some legs.  But Command and Conquer: Rivals has some potentially interesting dynamics at play.

How Command And Conquer: Rivals Is Played

The objective of the game is ultimately to destroy the enemy’s base.  You can do this by taking control of the missile silo in the center of the map.  But you can also attack directly.  you can achieve this by owning at least 2/3 of the launch pads surrounding the silo.

The Silo will tick up when you earn enough points.  The opposing team will keep your progress if you lose control.  When the Silo ticks up to completion, a missile will launch at whoever is not in control at that time.  Rinse and repeat until you destroy your enemy’s base.

More About Rivals

Rivals share a lot of key points with another game called Mini Guns.  The core gameplay loop is solid, and a lot of fun.  Rivals present tactical problems.  This and the constant jockeying of position over control points could give rise to a genuinely fun strategy experience.

How To Get Command And Conquer: Rivals

For those interested to give C&C: Rivals a shot, you can pre-register on Google Play.  For Android users, you can go directly to the game’s website and pre-register as an iOS user.

Additional Information On C&C: Rivals

A pre-alpha launching of the game is scheduled soon.  But only residents of Canada and the US will get to be invited.You can also read Endgadget’s hands on preview, which gives a bit more insight on the game.

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Most Recent iPhone Game Updates

Recent Game Updates For iPhone

iPhone has had some recent game updates lately.  Among them are its updates for “Heartstone”, “Dandara”, “Fire Emblem Heroes”, “Tiny Tower”, and more.

MARVEL Avengers Academy

This game may be downloaded for free.  The Infinity War is over, for the Avengers Academy, at least.  Time for another game then.  This time it’s Cloak and Dagger.  You need to grind up a battle to unlock new characters and rank up in this game.  It features Daredevil, Moon Knight, Blade, Firebird, and a whole lot of praying to the RNG gods.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This Fire Emblem Heroes 2.6 update features some new stuff that you can just ignore if you want.  Now for its updates.  The UI to the Allies menu has been improved.  You can also accessorize it now.  New weapons and skills upgrades are available and you will earn more on SP levels.  This can be downloaded for free.


This game will cost you $14.99.  This will be Dandara’s first major update eversince it was launched, with additions, tweaks, frills, and such.  You will no longer have issues with the camera, as you can fix it now.  The UI and controls have gotten some adjustment and it now has iCloud support.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

This game has been quite successful for Atari.  This game may be downloaded for free.  You get to enjoy new scenarios, popular modes, encounter special game conditions, and beat the goals before time runs out.  Your reward if you beat the scenarios – ride skins!  You can use these to give your attractions cool new themes.

Tiny Tower

When you think it is done, Tiny Tower gives you a little update or two to get tings going again.  So it is never over till it is over.  Its recent updates are not that huge.  It includes two new costumes and a new summer music track.  It also has some updates on the UI, and an indicator which shows how many player visitors are remaining.  Plus a little bug fixes and tweaks.  This game is free.

Hosted Games

The hook of the latest adventure added to Hosted games is living Pride and Prejudice instead of passively experiencing it.  The latest adventure is called The Courting of Miss Bennet.  The setting is 1813 and you get to choose from a wide array of suitors.  The game makes you decide on what to do.  And, all apologies, no zombies on this version.  It can be downloaded for free.

World Of Warships Blitz

There are ten new cruisers in the new update of the game.  And they are bringing the new London Port with them.  Blueprint containers have replaced the old daily containers.  These allow you to collect prints a lot faster than before.  This game is for free.

7 Wonders

This new version of 7 Wonders has new cities, new black cards, leaders, wonders, and gilds to enjoy.  It also has some UI improvements, bug fixes, and a few tweaks of sorts.  You can have this game for $4.99.

Pako 2

Pako 2 is a cool game.  and its new updates made it even cooler.  They have added some new cars, new map called Mapie Island, and a whole lot more.  One thing for sure, this is a neat game and you just have to check it out.  $1.99 is all you need to have the game.


It’s the Tavern of Time special event in Hearthstone.  They have 28 new cards which are unique to the Arena.  They have special daily requests, too.  Also in this update is the new Get in Here Bundle that you can buy which contains tons of goodies.  Hearthstone may be downloaded for free.

That’s about it for the most recent updates on iPhone games.  check them out and judge for yourself if the updates are good or not.

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Oppo Find X: What is It?

What Is Oppo Find X?

Oppo Find X, what is it?  This is a new flagship smartphone from Oppo.  It is due for global release in Paris on June 19.  This is the first time, since 2014, that the company has launched a flagship device in its Find family.

Oppo And Its Flagship Phones

When the company sets its mind on making a flagship, results are usually very innovative.  The Chinese brand takes credit for selfie beautification features back in 2012.   But its crowning achievement is arguably the Find 7, which was released on May 2014.

Most of Oppo’s flagship phones back then had full HD screens, predictable camera features, and faster, but not quiet fast charging.

The Three Features In Oppo’s 2014 Release

The company decided to tackle three features in its 2014 release.  They started with the use of the 1440p screen.  Then there was the 50 MP photo mode on the old device, using software smarts to create a super high resolution shot from its 13 MP camera.

But its biggest achievement may be the inclusion of the VOOC charging in Find 7.  Promising 75 percent capacity from just 30 minutes of charging the 3000mAh battery.  It marked a solid improvement over Quick Charge 2.0.

The list of Oppo’s Find 7 features is, in fact, as applicable today as it was back then.  If its camera will be upgraded and its internals beefed up, it will not be out of place for a 2018 flagship.

The Oppo Find X

This new flagship smartphone will feature a nearly bezel free display.  It will have a 5x zoom camera, VOOC fast charging, and the best chipset Qualcomm has to offer, Snapdragon 845.

Its camera will consist of one regular and one telephoto camera.  The company claims that the camera module is only 5.7mm thick.  So the Find X will not have a big camera hunch at the back.  The VOOC fast charging can top up a 2500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

June 19 is just a few days away.  We will sure to encounter a lot more teasers of the Oppo Find X till then.

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Best Apps For Every Sport Lover

Best Apps Every Sport Lover Would Like

Every sports lover would love these apps.  Here are the best apps which those who love sports should consider.  Sports is a universal hobby for almost everybody.  Whether you play a sport or just a fan of one, you will like these apps.

Everybody around the world seem to be hooked on sports.  Basketball, football, baseball, name it and you will find a league in most developed, and even undeveloped, countries.

The Athletic

The Athletic is an interesting app because it is a mixture of old school and new school.  It hardly has any fluff.  It has no ads, and no pop ups.  This app is sort of a subscription service, like a newspaper.  It has in-depth coverage of teams from a lot of sports.  They cover 28 sports market right now and it is expected to grow.  There may be some lags in their coverage, but this is due to the newness of the app.

You have options if you are interested in this app.  You can either get it for free, subscribe for $7.99 per month, or $47.99 per year.  It can be downloaded on Google Play.


ESPN is known to be the one of the biggest and best sports news apps in North America.  They cover all of the biggest sports, which include NHL, MLB, WNBA, NHL, NBA, collee sports, and many more.  For $4.99 per month you can you can have streaming service, with live games and commentary.  Other features include scores, highlights, schedules, trade news, and more.


Feedly is an app for minimalists.  It keeps track of the articles you read, integrates with other apps like Facebook and Twitter.  It also lets you track keywords.  This app will show you what you want and nothing more.

Google Search

This app offers a lot of functionality.  Among them are Google Now, Google Assistant, and Google Search.  You can easily find scores, news, and other updates using this app.  Google has special formatting for many sports searches.


theScore can be downloaded on Google Play for free.  It features scores from most popular sports like NBA, NHL, WNBA, and many more.  It also features some international soccer teams, the PGA, among others.


SofaScore is a huge sports app.  It covers many sports around the world.  You can even find scores for some pick-up game for stick-ball from 40 years ago.  It even has Android Wear (Wear OS) support.

Thuzz Sports

This app is not as popular as the other sports apps.  But it has been consistently good for a long time.  It features scores and schedules of popular sports.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports shares the limelight with ESPN as the most popular sports news sources.  It mainly covers most of North American games.  Yahoo Sports is free, with ads support.

Sports League Apps

Most sports leagues have official apps.  These apps usually have perks that third party sports news apps do not have.  Some can be downloaded for free, but some come with monthly suscriptions.

Live TV Apps

Live TV apps are growing rapidly.  They are also excellent sports news apps.  Most of them include local news and sports network basic packages.  So it gives you access to cheaper local pre-game and post-game shows about your local teams.

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OnePlus 6 Security Flaw Fix Is On Its Way

Security Flaw Fix For OnePlus 6 Is On Its Way

Security researchers discovered a flaw on OnePlus 6 but said a fix is on its way.  They discovered the vulnerability on the OnlePlus 6 lets you bypass the phone’s locked bootloader with any modified boot image.

The company acknowledged the vulnerability and said it will push out a software update to fix the issue.  Physical access to the phone is needed to take advantage of its vulnerability.

The OnePlus 6 Security Flaw

The perfect pixel alternative.  That is the OnePlus 6.  But it features a security that will thankfully be fixed in a software update.

Edge Security LLC president and XDA Developers forum member Jason Donenfeld said the OnePlus 6 features a vulnerability that let him bypass the locked bootloader with any modified boot image.  What is weirder, Donenfeld said, is he did not have to turn on USB debugging.  This is a usual requirement when you mess around with your smartphone.

The Solution To The OnePlus 6 Security Flaw

Despite the security flaw on the OnePlus 6, there is still a good news.  And that it, someone will need physical access to your OnePlus 6 to take advantage of the flaw.  Then they need to plug the phone into a computer, restart the phone into fastboot mode, and transfer any arbitrary or modifies boot image.

But wait, there is more good news.  OnePlus said it is aware of the vulnerability and that they are in contact with Donefeld.  They have also confirmed that a software update will be out shortly to fix the issue.

This is another serious oversight on the part of OnePlus.  They have had issues before involving the Engineer Mode app, the Factory Mode app, and the stolen credit card information.  Hopefully this security flaw on the OnePlus 6 will not do too much damage on the image of the company.  They must roll out the software soon to solve the issue and repair whatever damage the flaw has created.

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XtremePro Action Cam Is Cheaper Than GoPro

Action Cam That Is Much Cheaper Than GoPro

The XtremePro Action Cam is much cheaper than GoPro and is now on offer at $69.99.  The cheapest 4K camera at the GoPro store is $300, or $400 for the latest model.  So what could be more cheaper than the XtremePro?

The XtremePro Action Cam

The camera has 4K recording ability at 25fps or you can use the incredibily smooth 1080p at 60fps for faster paced action.  Its 12 MP still photo resolution gives you crystal clear imaging.  You can take photos in ultra HD which has 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.  It has built in WiFi and its companion app allow for screen mirroring on your smartphone.  Its waterproof casing is rated at 98 feet deep.

The XtremePro also has a wireless wrist remote which lets you take pictures remotely from up to 33 feet away.

XtremePro Action Cam’s Mounts And Accessories

The camera has various mounts.  You can attach it to virtually anything.  “Anything” means your car, bike, helmet, or any part of your anatomy.  If you want to make sure that all your friends in social media sites will be able to see how much fun you are having, get the XtremePro Action Cam.

The retail price of the camera with all its accessories is $150.  But if you want to settle for just the camera, it is on offer at $69.99.  Its accessories include a 20-in-1 Accessory Kit.  These accessories are designed to securely fasten the APB to anything.

Mounts and accessories include head strap, bike, pole, and Velcro wire, just to name a few.  You do not need to buy accessories separately.

More About the XtremePro Action Cam

The camera has a 2″rear LCD screen Video Resolution.  12MP/8MP/5MP/2MP 170 Degrees Super Wide Angle Lens.  Built in 1050mAh Lithium Ion Battery.  The 2.4G Wireless and Waterproof Wrist Remote.  It has 7 universal mounts which include the head strap, handle bar, pole, helmet, and 4 more universal clip multi Velcro bandages, tethers, and adhsive clips.

So if you are always on the go and want a reliable but inexpensive action cam, try out the XtremePro Action Cam.

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GDPR Smart App is the First of its Kind

GDPR: The First Of Its Kind Smart App

The GDPR Smart App is the first of its kind with the purpose of boosting employee compliance.  This new app has been launched to boost knowledge and compliance throughout UK workforces.

The GDPR Smart App

This smart app is the first of its kind to be offered by a HR software vendor.  Cascade HR delivered this app and is powered by game-based training experts E3 Compliance Training.  This app is designed to provide a more engaging way for employees to learn about this complex legislation.

This digital platform teaches and encourages people to think about how the law relates to and affects them.  This will also enable HR teams to identify topics which departments and colleagues will need to further develop.

Launching Of The GDPR Smart App

The smart app’s launch seemed to be very well timed.  The FSB revealed earlier this month that fewer than one in ten of British businesses are prepared for GDPR.  Market researchers say that the IT team is going through a lot of effort to acquire the skills and expertise required to secure data and comply.

Of the 96 data breach reprimands issued by the ICO in 2017, 11 are directly related to employees.  This means there should be an emphasis on company wide training.

GDPR Smart App And The Business Companies

In 2017, HR teams were feeling relatively comfortable with GDPR.  But compliance training throughout the businesses is what will prove to be crucial to companies staying on the right side of the law.

Everybody should be accountable.  But training is not enough.  That is why there is this app collaboration.   It is to empower HR to develop the knowledge of the entire work force.  It will also be able to focus on the employees who need ongoing support.

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Squirrel App Is The Redirection For Yahoo Messenger Users

Yahoo Messenger Redirects Users To Squirrel App

Yahoo Messenger is shutting down and it will redirect its users to Squirrel app.  The company said it will be winding down its services to continue to experiment on how to improve its services.

In a messaging world which is full of competition, one should always be aggressive on thinking of ways to improve their services to be able to compete.  The messaging world is practically dominated by Facebook.  Any competitor will find it hard to live up with competing against the company.

Why Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down

Yahoo is one of the first instant messaging apps on the market.  Today, Oath announced that it would be the end of an era for Yahoo Messenger, as it would be winding down its services on July 17.

The company said it will continue to experiment on ways on how it can have a relevant place in the instant messaging market.  According to the company, there is no replacement product currently available for Yahoo Messenger.

Thy also said that they are continually doing experiments and tests on new services and apps.  Yahoo Messenger users will be redirected to the Squirrel app.

The Squirrel App

The Squirrel app is an invite only group messaging app.  This app is currently on beta.  The company started testing this app last month and you can access to the beta here.

Since it is an invite only app for now, you should ask a friend with the app to invite you to a group to gain access.  But the question now is, whether the average consumer would like to use it.

As you can expect from any modern app, the Squirrel app also supports file sharing.  This ranges fro photos, and documents, to website links.   But it will make you wonder if there is still enough room for a new messaging app.  There is also the issue of privacy which is a huge hurdle for Yahoo to overcome.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Is Finally Available

Year 4 For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Is Now Available

Playing through year four in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Mystery is now possible.  Hogwarts students are growing up way too fast these days.

They just received their invitation last April and this June They are already entering year four.  Of course, this does not literally mean that.  It means that year four is now available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for you to play through.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4

This is the one in which Harry Potter fools around with the Goblet Of Fire.  What is new in this update is the Care of Magical Creatures class.  And you will finally get to meet Charlie Weasley.

Another character who will make its debut in this update is Nymphadora Tonks.  The annoying mandrakes will also make its appearance along with Nymphadora Tonks.  And You will be able to drink Butterbeer in this update.

Other Details Of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4

Patient fans have been waiting for and anticipating this update.  They are now reaping their reward as Jam City has released Year 4.  This will give fans the chance to continue their adventures in Hogwarts.

They can not only continue with their story, but they can also have access to new areas of the castle.  They can also start new classes.  In the Care For Magical Creatures class, they can research creatures in exchange for attribute points and gems.

Another thing is, characters which are put out of commission in Year 4 will no longer be available for friend encounters and no longer show up in classes.  Missing or characters who were supposed to be in the Hospital Wing would still appear in the game.

Other Updates Of The Game

The Year 4 version of the game has fixed plot holes on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. But the problem is, its seems they have created other plot holes.  It seem that the game lacks some of the features that Jam City has promised its fans.

The player’s progress and outcome on the game is quite unclear.  The best way for players to find out is to play the entire game.

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Six Ages For iOS This June

Six Ages Will Finally Be Coming To iOS This June

Six Ages will finally be coming to iOS this June.  After nineteen years of waiting, we will finally be getting A-Sharp’s Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind.  Fans have been anticipating it for a while now.

What Is Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is the successor of King Of Dragon Pass.  This is a unique kind of game from A-Sharp.

A lot of fans have been waiting for the coming of this game for a long time.  But its progress was slow going up and it took quiet a while for its developers to finally announce its release.  At last, after being in the dark about this game, brightness will finally come.

All About The Game

The elements that make a KoDP unique are all in Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind and its developers have remixed them.  The game has a mythical setting where you can visit the gods.  You can make multiple choices with consequences.  It also has advisors with personality, a generation-spanning story, and story elements that recombine for replayability.

The UI was designed with attention to mobile devices.  Its Men.u puts more information at your fingertips.  All its artwork is of high resolution.  Its play is both simpler and richer.  You will get to make more decisions in combat.

Release Date Of Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

According to a press release, Six Ages will be launching on iOS one June 28th.  It will be available for pre-orders on June 21st at $9.99.

To b able to enjoy the game, your device will need to have iOS 9,or later, running.  According to its developer, A-Sharp, the game is being developed for other platforms.  They said that it would probably be materialised later in the year.

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