XtremePro Action Cam Is Cheaper Than GoPro


Action Cam That Is Much Cheaper Than GoPro

The XtremePro Action Cam is much cheaper than GoPro and is now on offer at $69.99. The cheapest 4K camera at the GoPro store is $300, or $400 for the latest model. So what could be more cheaper than the XtremePro?

The XtremePro Action Cam

The camera has 4K recording ability at 25fps or you can use the incredibily smooth 1080p at 60fps for faster paced action. Its 12 MP still photo resolution gives you crystal clear imaging. You can take photos in ultra HD which has 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras. It has built in WiFi and its companion app allow for screen mirroring on your smartphone. Its waterproof casing is rated at 98 feet deep.

The XtremePro also has a wireless wrist remote which lets you take pictures remotely from up to 33 feet away.


XtremePro Action Cam’s Mounts And Accessories

The camera has various mounts. You can attach it to virtually anything. “Anything” means your car, bike, helmet, or any part of your anatomy. If you want to make sure that all your friends in social media sites will be able to see how much fun you are having, get the XtremePro Action Cam.

The retail price of the camera with all its accessories is $150. But if you want to settle for just the camera, it is on offer at $69.99. Its accessories include a 20-in-1 Accessory Kit. These accessories are designed to securely fasten the APB to anything.

Mounts and accessories include head strap, bike, pole, and Velcro wire, just to name a few. You do not need to buy accessories separately.

More About the XtremePro Action Cam

The camera has a 2″rear LCD screen Video Resolution. 12MP/8MP/5MP/2MP 170 Degrees Super Wide Angle Lens. Built in 1050mAh Lithium Ion Battery. The 2.4G Wireless and Waterproof Wrist Remote. It has 7 universal mounts which include the head strap, handle bar, pole, helmet, and 4 more universal clip multi Velcro bandages, tethers, and adhsive clips.

So if you are always on the go and want a reliable but inexpensive action cam, try out the XtremePro Action Cam.

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