Squirrel App Is The Redirection For Yahoo Messenger Users


Yahoo Messenger Redirects Users To Squirrel App

Yahoo Messenger is shutting down and it will redirect its users to Squirrel app. The company said it will be winding down its services to continue to experiment on how to improve its services.

In a messaging world which is full of competition, one should always be aggressive on thinking of ways to improve their services to be able to compete. The messaging world is practically dominated by Facebook. Any competitor will find it hard to live up with competing against the company.

Why Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down

Yahoo is one of the first instant messaging apps on the market. Today, Oath announced that it would be the end of an era for Yahoo Messenger, as it would be winding down its services on July 17.

yahoo messenger

The company said it will continue to experiment on ways on how it can have a relevant place in the instant messaging market. According to the company, there is no replacement product currently available for Yahoo Messenger.

Thy also said that they are continually doing experiments and tests on new services and apps. Yahoo Messenger users will be redirected to the Squirrel app.

The Squirrel App

The Squirrel app is an invite only group messaging app. This app is currently on beta. The company started testing this app last month and you can access to the beta here.

squirrel app

Since it is an invite only app for now, you should ask a friend with the app to invite you to a group to gain access. But the question now is, whether the average consumer would like to use it.

As you can expect from any modern app, the Squirrel app also supports file sharing. This ranges fro photos, and documents, to website links. But it will make you wonder if there is still enough room for a new messaging app. There is also the issue of privacy which is a huge hurdle for Yahoo to overcome.

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