Most Recent iPhone Game Updates


Recent Game Updates For iPhone

iPhone has had some recent game updates lately. Among them are its updates for “Heartstone”, “Dandara”, “Fire Emblem Heroes”, “Tiny Tower”, and more.

MARVEL Avengers Academy

This game may be downloaded for free. The Infinity War is over, for the Avengers Academy, at least. Time for another game then. This time it’s Cloak and Dagger. You need to grind up a battle to unlock new characters and rank up in this game. It features Daredevil, Moon Knight, Blade, Firebird, and a whole lot of praying to the RNG gods.

avengers academy

Fire Emblem Heroes

This Fire Emblem Heroes 2.6 update features some new stuff that you can just ignore if you want. Now for its updates. The UI to the Allies menu has been improved. You can also accessorize it now. New weapons and skills upgrades are available and you will earn more on SP levels. This can be downloaded for free.


This game will cost you $14.99. This will be Dandara’s first major update eversince it was launched, with additions, tweaks, frills, and such. You will no longer have issues with the camera, as you can fix it now. The UI and controls have gotten some adjustment and it now has iCloud support.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

This game has been quite successful for Atari. This game may be downloaded for free. You get to enjoy new scenarios, popular modes, encounter special game conditions, and beat the goals before time runs out. Your reward if you beat the scenarios – ride skins! You can use these to give your attractions cool new themes.

Tiny Tower

When you think it is done, Tiny Tower gives you a little update or two to get tings going again. So it is never over till it is over. Its recent updates are not that huge. It includes two new costumes and a new summer music track. It also has some updates on the UI, and an indicator which shows how many player visitors are remaining. Plus a little bug fixes and tweaks. This game is free.

Hosted Games

The hook of the latest adventure added to Hosted games is living Pride and Prejudice instead of passively experiencing it. The latest adventure is called The Courting of Miss Bennet. The setting is 1813 and you get to choose from a wide array of suitors. The game makes you decide on what to do. And, all apologies, no zombies on this version. It can be downloaded for free.

World Of Warships Blitz

There are ten new cruisers in the new update of the game. And they are bringing the new London Port with them. Blueprint containers have replaced the old daily containers. These allow you to collect prints a lot faster than before. This game is for free.

7 Wonders

This new version of 7 Wonders has new cities, new black cards, leaders, wonders, and gilds to enjoy. It also has some UI improvements, bug fixes, and a few tweaks of sorts. You can have this game for $4.99.

Pako 2

Pako 2 is a cool game. and its new updates made it even cooler. They have added some new cars, new map called Mapie Island, and a whole lot more. One thing for sure, this is a neat game and you just have to check it out. $1.99 is all you need to have the game.


It’s the Tavern of Time special event in Hearthstone. They have 28 new cards which are unique to the Arena. They have special daily requests, too. Also in this update is the new Get in Here Bundle that you can buy which contains tons of goodies. Hearthstone may be downloaded for free.

That’s about it for the most recent updates on iPhone games. check them out and judge for yourself if the updates are good or not.

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