Six Ages For iOS This June


Six Ages Will Finally Be Coming To iOS This June

Six Ages will finally be coming to iOS this June. After nineteen years of waiting, we will finally be getting A-Sharp’s Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind. Fans have been anticipating it for a while now.

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What Is Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is the successor of King Of Dragon Pass. This is a unique kind of game from A-Sharp.

A lot of fans have been waiting for the coming of this game for a long time. But its progress was slow going up and it took quiet a while for its developers to finally announce its release. At last, after being in the dark about this game, brightness will finally come.

All About The Game

The elements that make a KoDP unique are all in Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind and its developers have remixed them. The game has a mythical setting where you can visit the gods. You can make multiple choices with consequences. It also has advisors with personality, a generation-spanning story, and story elements that recombine for replayability.

The UI was designed with attention to mobile devices. Its Men.u puts more information at your fingertips. All its artwork is of high resolution. Its play is both simpler and richer. You will get to make more decisions in combat.

Release Date Of Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

According to a press release, Six Ages will be launching on iOS one June 28th. It will be available for pre-orders on June 21st at $9.99.

To b able to enjoy the game, your device will need to have iOS 9,or later, running. According to its developer, A-Sharp, the game is being developed for other platforms. They said that it would probably be materialised later in the year.

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