E3 2018 Command and Conquer: Rivals Announced


Command And Conquer: Rivals Announced By E3 This 2018

E3 announced their new mobile game this 2018, Command And Conquer: Rivals. This is a new 1×1 competitive real-time tactics mobile game. It is not often that E3 throws up something interesting on mobile.

It is a shame,though, that C&C had to be used to give a new mobile game some legs. But Command and Conquer: Rivals has some potentially interesting dynamics at play.


How Command And Conquer: Rivals Is Played

The objective of the game is ultimately to destroy the enemy’s base. You can do this by taking control of the missile silo in the center of the map. But you can also attack directly. you can achieve this by owning at least 2/3 of the launch pads surrounding the silo.

The Silo will tick up when you earn enough points. The opposing team will keep your progress if you lose control. When the Silo ticks up to completion, a missile will launch at whoever is not in control at that time. Rinse and repeat until you destroy your enemy’s base.

More About Rivals

Rivals share a lot of key points with another game called Mini Guns. The core gameplay loop is solid, and a lot of fun. Rivals present tactical problems. This and the constant jockeying of position over control points could give rise to a genuinely fun strategy experience.

How To Get Command And Conquer: Rivals

For those interested to give C&C: Rivals a shot, you can pre-register on Google Play. For Android users, you can go directly to the game’s website and pre-register as an iOS user.

Additional Information On C&C: Rivals

A pre-alpha launching of the game is scheduled soon. But only residents of Canada and the US will get to be invited.You can also read Endgadget’s hands on preview, which gives a bit more insight on the game.

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