OnePlus 6 Security Flaw Fix Is On Its Way


Security Flaw Fix For OnePlus 6 Is On Its Way

Security researchers discovered a flaw on OnePlus 6 but said a fix is on its way. They discovered the vulnerability on the OnlePlus 6 lets you bypass the phone’s locked bootloader with any modified boot image.

The company acknowledged the vulnerability and said it will push out a software update to fix the issue. Physical access to the phone is needed to take advantage of its vulnerability.

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The OnePlus 6 Security Flaw

The perfect pixel alternative. That is the OnePlus 6. But it features a security that will thankfully be fixed in a software update.

Edge Security LLC president and XDA Developers forum member Jason Donenfeld said the OnePlus 6 features a vulnerability that let him bypass the locked bootloader with any modified boot image. What is weirder, Donenfeld said, is he did not have to turn on USB debugging. This is a usual requirement when you mess around with your smartphone.

The Solution To The OnePlus 6 Security Flaw

Despite the security flaw on the OnePlus 6, there is still a good news. And that it, someone will need physical access to your OnePlus 6 to take advantage of the flaw. Then they need to plug the phone into a computer, restart the phone into fastboot mode, and transfer any arbitrary or modifies boot image.

But wait, there is more good news. OnePlus said it is aware of the vulnerability and that they are in contact with Donefeld. They have also confirmed that a software update will be out shortly to fix the issue.

This is another serious oversight on the part of OnePlus. They have had issues before involving the Engineer Mode app, the Factory Mode app, and the stolen credit card information. Hopefully this security flaw on the OnePlus 6 will not do too much damage on the image of the company. They must roll out the software soon to solve the issue and repair whatever damage the flaw has created.

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