iPhone X: Glitch Which Makes the Device Restart Over and Over Again


Apple just released their iPhone X recently. But a sudden issue affecting phones which run on iOS 11 appeared earlier which caused phones to reboot.

iPhone X
iPhone X by Engadget

iPhone X continuously reboots

The phone runs on iOS 11 which means that it’s affected by a particular bug. This bug makes phones reboot over and over again making it impossible to use it properly.

iPhone users around the globe have been complaining about this and sent messages to the board. They also flooded their social media sites about the problem.

It’s really bad because the phone would reboot every 10-30 seconds, which is very frustrating. Apple stores are being swamped by users as well.

The company took the unusual step of releasing a software update on a Saturday when it pushed iOS 11.2.

The update fixes the rebooting issue and also includes Apple Pay Cash, the company’s new peer to peer payment system, faster wireless charging, and new live wallpapers.

The new software update will be released by Apple on Tuesday.

Every phone has its flaws every now and then. We just have to know how to deal with them properly.