Apple’s iPhone X remains to be popular and strong in the global smartphone market. In fact, the Cupertino-based tech company now offers a one-day delivery if you are going to order iPhone X online. Apple’s move is laudable and can be perceived as an improvement regarding shipments.

It can be recalled that early November, the shipment of iPhone was pushed back by several weeks. Some tech analyst claims that Apple’s improvement regarding delivery has improved because of the improved production scheme.

Now in a related news, a report has surfaced this week, saying that Apple fans in China prefer to have an iPhone X model with 256 GB. The news comes after an analyst named Amid Daryanani sent a research note to Apple investors.

Chinese wants iPhone with higher storage capacity

Daryani’s research note showed the trend of Apple iPhone buyers in the communist China. Based on the RBC Capital Market survey, 62 percent of Chinese buyers prefer to buy the tech company’s latest iPhone X. The figure based on the survey is much higher than the 28 percent of people in America.

Also, the survey disclosed that Apple fans in China prefer to have a phone that has higher storage capacity. Why? Because iPhones lack support for memory expansion thru microSD card. The survey result generally implies that 66 percent of Chinese buyers wanted to buy an iPhone 256 GB model.

Apart from this, 64 percent of the current iPhone 8 buyers including the 75 percent of the iPhone 7 series buyers showed interests in buying models that have higher storage capacity. This makes Apple achieved its marketing gains because of the strong demands for higher storage capacity models of iPhone.

Meanwhile, Daryanani also informed the investors that there is a “stronger than anticipated mix shift” in China. He also noted that iPhone X’s demand in the US would remain strong and achieve a steady growth.