The popularity of Apple’s iPhone X (read as ten) is undeniable. To the extent that a rumor suggests that the Cupertino-based tech giant’s rival is reportedly copying the design of the popular iPhone X.


Just this week, a report has surfaced saying that Samsung-Apple’s archrival-plans to copy the iPhone X’s notch. Designers said that Apple’s latest iPhone’s notch is a compromised between functionality and design.

Is Samsung copying Apple’s latest iPhone’s design?


In fact, one may notice that Apple is genius when it found ways to hide the front-facing camera, speakers, sensors-all under the elegant and classy screen. With this, users see that the notch will be installed on all smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhones.


Although Samsung may not public admit that it would copy Apple’s latest iPhone’s design, a new report indicates, however, that Samsung is making some drastic change on its notches.


The news comes after a recent Samsung patent application published at Mobielkopen, revealed that its future smartphones would have an all-screen smartphones both with a front-facing camera and sensor notches.

Samsung reportedly filed the patent back in July last year, before the public debut of iPhone X. But during that time, the rumor was on the mill that Apple’s new smartphone would have become the iPhone X’s notch.

Check the photos below:

Image Source: Samsung via Mobielkopen


Image Source: Samsung via Mobielkopen