Hundreds of iPhone X owners took to Apple’s support forums to expressed their disappointments. They complained, in particular, about a glitch they experienced using their iPhone X. iPhone X owners discovered a bug that prevents them from answering incoming calls on their smartphones.


iPhone X users complain of “Incoming Call” Bug


Citing a report from the Financial Times, iPhone X users claim that the touchscreen of their smartphones is lighting up when their devices start ringing. But when the screen immediately activates, the call would be dropped instantly, and users could no longer answer the call.


“I hear the phone ringing, but the graphics on the screen doesn’t change to the phone mode, only after 5-6 rings. Not only I can’t answer the phone, but I also can’t see who is calling But only after about 10 seconds,” an iPhone X user wrote in one forum.



“To solve this, I need to restart the phone, until it comes back again. It doesn’t help to close all the apps. I’ll just add that it is a new phone, not from second hand or something, and I’m far from using all my memory,” the user further said.


Responding to the issue, the Cupertino-based company said that it is now looking into this issue. Apple said that iPhone X users who are experiencing this kind of technical bug should submit a report about the issue to Apple Support.



By submitting a description or a report about the bug, it would really help the Apple team to probe and fix the bug. Just last week, Apple said that it is trying to improve the performance of iOS 12, the rumored next version of the company’s operating system.