Best Holiday Gifts for (Choosy) Millennials

Choosing a gift for a beloved millennial is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. For one thing, they’ve probably out-Googled you and have ordered their gadgets online from Amazon (with free shipping to boot), taking advantage of Cyber Monday Sales that saw prices really crashing!

Take heart – it’s really the thought that counts and millennials love quirky, time-saving devices that make work fun and allow them to do more.  This is a generation that works hard and plays hard; defining their lives through Instagram and connecting on FB even when just a hairbreadth away. Most of them are also urban nomads who like savoring novel experiences: “have a passport, will travel” seems a popular mantra. And yes, they are sweet on themselves; cooking restaurant-grade meals for one, creating a spa-like sanctuary in their bathrooms, and chilling in socially rated restos and bars.

Here are my choices for pampering millennials this Christmas, in no particular order:

PRYNT iPhone Case (Prynt Pocket)

There is something sensible about printing photos:never lose a selfie again and view them without being logged on to some device. You can also keep prying eyes away …. and you can even tear it to bits when you’ve called it quits!

But for a millennial who has probably never seen a Polaroid photo, this is a surely an instant hit! I’d even put it next to instant coffee as my favorite. Consider this a photo on steroids (or a printed Snapchat); something you’ve probably seen only in Mission Impossible movies. Simple to operate like a point and shoot, it takes photos and even videos. Videos? Not a typo – the photo comes out with embedded information. Scan with your camera and you have a video with clear sound and resolution. It’s ink-free and is uses augmented reality technology. The photos moonlight as stickers and the company has an unlimited paper subscription for only $35. Watch it unleash your imagination. Now, who couldn’t resist that?

  • Colors: Graphite, Grey, Lavender, Teal
  • Simple to use – no wifi or bluetooth
  • Can print directly from Social media accounts or from your gallery
  • Can add filters, emojis and text
  • Embed video, scan and share
  • Uses sticker paper and thermal technology (inkless)
  • For iPhone 5 and newer. Android version coming soon!
  • Accessories: paper subscription, paper for 40 or 20 photos, leather photo book, wrist strap, leather photo case etc.
  • Price: $149.99 (Purchase through Prynt and use Paypal or buy from Amazon)

Model M – Cabin Luggage

This “smart” luggage looks elegant on the outside but rugged on the inside. Lightweight but sturdy, its hard-case exterior it is made of aerospace-grade polycarbonate. It has an onboard, cabin-safe detachable power bank so there’s no fear of running out of charge or missing a beat. In fact, you can charge mobile phones up to 6 times.

The convenient outside flap made of Italian Vacchetta leather and waterproof, durable nylon is large enough to safely fit in a 15″ laptop. The wheels rotate 360 degrees and designed in Japan, a country where the customer is king. No more hassles as the luggage glide along as smoothly on stony ground as it does on city pavement. It even has GPS!

  • Size: 55cm (Height), 40cm (Width), 20cm (Depth), Volume: 33 L, Weight 3.4 kg.
  • Colors: Black, Dark Olive, Marsala, Quartz Grey, Night Blue
  • Price: 299 Euros/$355 (regular 599 Euros) with a 10% discount coupon for first-time purchase
  • Guaranteed for 30 years
  • Delivery is free in EU countries. It takes 2-5 days get delivered within the EU and 6-8 days elsewhere. Shipping charges to the Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the USA (inclusive of all fees) 90  Euros/$107; Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, and San Marino 40 Euros/$48; other countries 199 Euros/236.

Where to buy: Horizn Studios


This doorbell fits right into today’s lifestyle. You’ll probably want to give one to yourself and your mother. Why is it cool? It’s not your ordinary chime but a smart device that welds the convenience of a doorbell with the security of a monitoring device. The company claims, “Turn your doorbell into a home security system.” Easy to install, the app allows you to connect to your home through wifi or ethernet. It can pair up with up to smart gadgets – this means you can safely talk to your visitors through your smartphone, PC, laptop and tablet. It records visitors with a photo and timestamp and keeps you on your toes with app and email alerts. Dbell can be monitored remotely, with viewing angle of 160 degrees, HD video, night vision, and external protection against weather elements. Recording can be done through HDD or cloud.

So when the Postman knocks, you can safely and securely say, “Whose there?” sans fear.


(gif and photo from

  • Price is $139.99 (on sale from $199) for the dbell HD+ model and $299.99 for the dbell HD Live model
  • Purchase from DBell


Instant Pot DUO 6 QT (7 in 1 Multi-Cooker)

This is probably one of the most-appreciated gifts (short of having an in-house chef). I should know because I was given one and was surprised that the performance was up to the hype. It also saved a lot of space in a miniscule condo kitchen. You’ve probably seen it on online shopping TV programs and had grown skeptical. Relax and don’t let the low price fool you. It is a:

  • pressure cooker,
  • slow cooker,
  • rice cooker/steamer/warmer,
  • porridge maker,
  • deep-fryer,
  • yogurt maker, and
  • it can even be used for sauteing and browning.

Buy at Amazon for $99


This is straight out of sci-fi but so convenient that it makes you wonder why no one has thought of this before. Frigondas, produced by a Spanish-Korean company is a mash-up between a microwave and a blast freezer that debuted in a Berlin tradeshow, Sept. 2017. Blow hot, blow cold indeed! Whether you want ice-cold beer in a blast or heat hot dogs to go along with it, it can be done easily from just one contraption. Blast freezing used to be a problem because equipment was bulky and expensive. Not anymore! It’s perfect for millennials who cook in batches but want to preserve nutritional value, color, taste and texture. It’s safer too, since newly cooked food does not have to be cooled to temperatures where bacteria growth can spoil the batch. And for those who want to blast fresh strawberries and watermelon in season and eat them at a MUCH later date, you are assured of the same freshness and sweetness when frozen with Frigola.

This is going to be in Santa’s bag a while longer but is coming to the U.S. soon! Predicted to retail at $1,000, it’s worth every penny. And did we say it is also a refrigerator and an automatic defroster?

For sure, your picky millennial deserves a Christmas gift that will be more appreciated with every use. And while you are it, wrap a present for yourself too!



Apple gets patent for noise cancelling windscreen case

There are times when you make or receive an important call and you’re in a place where a noise canceling device would be of use. Isn’t it annoying when you can’t speak to the other line properly due to the miscommunication that results from the loud noise from your end?

Well, Apple may be on the verge of cancelling or cutting down the background noise as they won a patent for a removal iPhone case that basically protects your iPhone from the environment and at the same time cuts down background noise.

In its patent application Apple said, “The windscreen is designed to reduce wind noise, air blasts, vocal plosives and other noise. This may enable the speech of a user of the device to remain intelligible despite the presence of such noise during a call, and without requiring the user to shout into the device’s microphone.”

The patent was long overdue as Apple applied for it last Jan. 11, 2011. The US Patent and Trademark Office only approved the application last week.

It is unclear when Apple would release the windscreen case for their consumers. But this technology could surely eliminate those inaudible calls due to noisy background.

Image Source:

Stand out with Carved iPhone Skins

What separates your iPhone from another individual’s device may not easily be seen from the outside. You’d have to at least tinker with the other’s iPhone before you could say that theirs is different from yours.

You might want to alter the look of your iPhone by placing gems and artistically design your device. But that’s going to leave a permanent mark on your expensive phone. Others use iPhone protectors to separate their phone from others.

But if you really want to set your iPhone apart from the millions of other iPhones out there,  then you might want to take a sneak peak at what Carved has in store for you.

Carved has developed a skin or protector for your iPhone 4 and 4S that is extraordinary. Carved’s iPhone protector is made up of wood.

These skins are lightweight and thin and has a front and back plates.

Carved wood skins for iPhone perfectly fits your device. Placing your iPhone into the skin isn’t a problem. If you make a mistake in inserting your iPhone to the skin, it’s not going to be a problem because the glue beneath the plate doesn’t leave any residue. You can simply remove it with your nails or thumb and your iPhone is back to its pristine shape.

If you love to sport a naturally aesthetic iPhone, then Carved iPhone Skins would be your best bet.


Yellow Jacket iPhone case doubles as a stun gun

At this day and age, it is difficult for individuals to gamble on their security. Walking towards your car in a deserted parking lot could already be a risk and walking down dark streets at night could pose as a risk.

A pair of individuals from Baton Rouge, LA., have developed an iPhone case that could save your life, as this said case doubles as a stun gun.

The iPhone case which emits 650k volts could ward of attackers and could eventually lead to your escape. Not only does it act as a weapon but it could also jack up your iPhone’s battery life by 20%.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case comes in three colors – black, pink and white.

The pair – Seth Froom and Sean Simone –is trying to raise $100,000 to start their business. The price for one case is $85 and you can get four cases for only $380. You can only avail the Yellow Jacket iPhone case if you contribute $1 to Yellow Jacket’s Kickstarter-like funding program.

But before you purchase one, you must double check if state laws allow you to carry a stun gun with you.

Is there a possibility that you might accidentally stun yourself while making a call?

Well, the company said in their website, “If used properly, the Yellow Jacket should not come in contact with any part of your body while on a phone call. Because stun guns have to essentially make contact with the skin in order to shock a human we designed the device to face up and away not down and in. the safety cover should also prevent unintentional shocks from occurring.”

The developers are also trying to create one for Android users.

Would you buy one Yellow Jacket iPhone case?

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Spike combines physical QWERTY keyboard with your iPhone case

What would it look like if you combine BlackBerry’s QWERTY keypad with Apple’s iPhone?

Well, a company found a way to bring BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone to make messaging easier for individuals.

Kickstarter, which is popular to individuals with bright ideas that need financial help, brings us a new development, as a team has developed a case for your iPhone that comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The keyboard of the Spike case can easily be stowed away if you don’t like to use the QWERTY keyboard and would want to revert to your iPhone keyboard.

There are two versions of the Spike keyboard. The first version has a case that is divided in two, where the bottom part can be pulled out and rotated to reveal the keyboard. The second version is a deluxe version which features a side hinge so that the keyboard can be stowed away at the back if you don’t need to use it.

According to the developers of the Spike case, they use a “TypeSmart” technology for their keyboards.

The cases will sell for $25 for the ordinary version and $50 dollars for the deluxe version. They come in white and black colors to blend in with your iPhone.

Would you consider buying the Spike case?


Intoxicase+: new and improved!

Intoxicase was a great product developed for beer guzzlers who love to chug down bottles of beer anywhere and anytime. The latter offers its users a unique way to protect their iPhones as it also serves as a bottle opener in times where you can’t find any within the vicinity.

The developers of the product upgraded the Intoxicase in their effort to improve the product. The developers created the Intoxicase+ to give you a better experience when you chug down your favorite beer.

The Intoxicase+ still is a smartphone protector. With that in mind, the developers improved on their design, giving the bottle opener at the rear a major overhaul by placing an opener that is foldable. This means it doesn’t bulge out of your pockets.

Not only can it open a beer bottle, but it also features an app that can find your car for you, call a cab when you’re too intoxicated to drive, gives you how many bottles you’ve opened (assuming you drank all of them) and it can even post to your social networks the number of beers you’ve consumed.

The Intoxicase+ not only protects your smartphone from the environment, but it can also help you during those tough times when bottle openers are nowhere to be found.

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A smart way to carry your smartphone

Technology and fashion usually go hand in hand when it comes ladies. More often than not, women want to pair their fashionable accessories with their smartphones or tablets. It is quite noticeable when you go out on the streets as you see seemingly simple looking gadgets being adorned by gems and other things that set them apart from the others.

Well, there is this new iPhone carrying bra that could set the trend for device carrying cases.

Called the JoeyBra, it was developed by two individuals from the University of Washington. They saw potential in this part of the market.

The two students created a means for ladies to carry their iPhones in their brassieres.

Here’s what their website said about this invention:

“Inspired by UW’s vibrant Greek system, JoeyBra was created for women who are constantly on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys or phones. From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars or dance clubs. Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again.”

They JoeyBra, according to its inventors, can hold an iPhone along with ID, credit cards and keys.

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World’s first self-healing iPhone case from Nissan

Protecting your phones from the harsh environments has been one of the top priorities for users who would want to keep their gadgets as pristine as possible. Seeing a scratch or a minor dent on your beloved device would ruin your day. Some individuals would even spend hard-earned dollars just to replace the phones casing just for it to look sleek and fresh.

Japanese car maker Nissan is stepping up to the plate in their effort to protect your smartphone. The company announced last Monday that they now have the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

So how does this case help you stave off those unwanted scratches on your iPhone?

This technology was developed by Nissan in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc.. And the best part of this technology is that it has a “self-healing” feature. This basically enables the case to remove small scratches on it with an hour and deeper ones for a week.

It uses a special type of paint that a number of Nissan cars are finished with. Nissan explains, “the outer ‘paint’ is made from polyrotaxane, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap – ‘healing’ the blemish.”

This technology is being used for the first time outside the automotive industry. Not only does this product protect your phone, but it is also easier to grip unlike conventional phone covers.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone is on its last phases of tests. The company is planning to release the product later this year.

Overseas program director of business development for Nissan Europe Bob Lasihley said, “the Scratch Shield iPhone case is a great example of us taking a Nissan automotive technology that has had a huge impact for our customers, and then shifting the boundaries to apply it to another everyday product. We’re really excited about the possibilities provided by this technology.”

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