Intoxicase+: new and improved!


Intoxicase was a great product developed for beer guzzlers who love to chug down bottles of beer anywhere and anytime. The latter offers its users a unique way to protect their iPhones as it also serves as a bottle opener in times where you can’t find any within the vicinity.

The developers of the product upgraded the Intoxicase in their effort to improve the product. The developers created the Intoxicase+ to give you a better experience when you chug down your favorite beer.

The Intoxicase+ still is a smartphone protector. With that in mind, the developers improved on their design, giving the bottle opener at the rear a major overhaul by placing an opener that is foldable. This means it doesn’t bulge out of your pockets.

Not only can it open a beer bottle, but it also features an app that can find your car for you, call a cab when you’re too intoxicated to drive, gives you how many bottles you’ve opened (assuming you drank all of them) and it can even post to your social networks the number of beers you’ve consumed.

The Intoxicase+ not only protects your smartphone from the environment, but it can also help you during those tough times when bottle openers are nowhere to be found.

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