Apple gets patent for noise cancelling windscreen case


There are times when you make or receive an important call and you’re in a place where a noise canceling device would be of use. Isn’t it annoying when you can’t speak to the other line properly due to the miscommunication that results from the loud noise from your end?

Well, Apple may be on the verge of cancelling or cutting down the background noise as they won a patent for a removal iPhone case that basically protects your iPhone from the environment and at the same time cuts down background noise.

In its patent application Apple said, “The windscreen is designed to reduce wind noise, air blasts, vocal plosives and other noise. This may enable the speech of a user of the device to remain intelligible despite the presence of such noise during a call, and without requiring the user to shout into the device’s microphone.”

The patent was long overdue as Apple applied for it last Jan. 11, 2011. The US Patent and Trademark Office only approved the application last week.

It is unclear when Apple would release the windscreen case for their consumers. But this technology could surely eliminate those inaudible calls due to noisy background.

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