A smart way to carry your smartphone


Technology and fashion usually go hand in hand when it comes ladies. More often than not, women want to pair their fashionable accessories with their smartphones or tablets. It is quite noticeable when you go out on the streets as you see seemingly simple looking gadgets being adorned by gems and other things that set them apart from the others.

Well, there is this new iPhone carrying bra that could set the trend for device carrying cases.

Called the JoeyBra, it was developed by two individuals from the University of Washington. They saw potential in this part of the market.

The two students created a means for ladies to carry their iPhones in their brassieres.

Here’s what their website said about this invention:

“Inspired by UW’s vibrant Greek system, JoeyBra was created for women who are constantly on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys or phones. From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars or dance clubs. Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again.”

They JoeyBra, according to its inventors, can hold an iPhone along with ID, credit cards and keys.

Image Source: http://nibletz.com