Yellow Jacket iPhone case doubles as a stun gun


At this day and age, it is difficult for individuals to gamble on their security. Walking towards your car in a deserted parking lot could already be a risk and walking down dark streets at night could pose as a risk.

A pair of individuals from Baton Rouge, LA., have developed an iPhone case that could save your life, as this said case doubles as a stun gun.

The iPhone case which emits 650k volts could ward of attackers and could eventually lead to your escape. Not only does it act as a weapon but it could also jack up your iPhone’s battery life by 20%.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case comes in three colors – black, pink and white.

The pair – Seth Froom and Sean Simone –is trying to raise $100,000 to start their business. The price for one case is $85 and you can get four cases for only $380. You can only avail the Yellow Jacket iPhone case if you contribute $1 to Yellow Jacket’s Kickstarter-like funding program.

But before you purchase one, you must double check if state laws allow you to carry a stun gun with you.

Is there a possibility that you might accidentally stun yourself while making a call?

Well, the company said in their website, “If used properly, the Yellow Jacket should not come in contact with any part of your body while on a phone call. Because stun guns have to essentially make contact with the skin in order to shock a human we designed the device to face up and away not down and in. the safety cover should also prevent unintentional shocks from occurring.”

The developers are also trying to create one for Android users.

Would you buy one Yellow Jacket iPhone case?

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