Spike combines physical QWERTY keyboard with your iPhone case


What would it look like if you combine BlackBerry’s QWERTY keypad with Apple’s iPhone?

Well, a company found a way to bring BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone to make messaging easier for individuals.

Kickstarter, which is popular to individuals with bright ideas that need financial help, brings us a new development, as a team has developed a case for your iPhone that comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The keyboard of the Spike case can easily be stowed away if you don’t like to use the QWERTY keyboard and would want to revert to your iPhone keyboard.

There are two versions of the Spike keyboard. The first version has a case that is divided in two, where the bottom part can be pulled out and rotated to reveal the keyboard. The second version is a deluxe version which features a side hinge so that the keyboard can be stowed away at the back if you don’t need to use it.

According to the developers of the Spike case, they use a “TypeSmart” technology for their keyboards.

The cases will sell for $25 for the ordinary version and $50 dollars for the deluxe version. They come in white and black colors to blend in with your iPhone.

Would you consider buying the Spike case?

Image Source:theverge.com