World’s first self-healing iPhone case from Nissan


Protecting your phones from the harsh environments has been one of the top priorities for users who would want to keep their gadgets as pristine as possible. Seeing a scratch or a minor dent on your beloved device would ruin your day. Some individuals would even spend hard-earned dollars just to replace the phones casing just for it to look sleek and fresh.

Japanese car maker Nissan is stepping up to the plate in their effort to protect your smartphone. The company announced last Monday that they now have the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

So how does this case help you stave off those unwanted scratches on your iPhone?

This technology was developed by Nissan in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc.. And the best part of this technology is that it has a “self-healing” feature. This basically enables the case to remove small scratches on it with an hour and deeper ones for a week.

It uses a special type of paint that a number of Nissan cars are finished with. Nissan explains, “the outer ‘paint’ is made from polyrotaxane, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap – ‘healing’ the blemish.”

This technology is being used for the first time outside the automotive industry. Not only does this product protect your phone, but it is also easier to grip unlike conventional phone covers.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone is on its last phases of tests. The company is planning to release the product later this year.

Overseas program director of business development for Nissan Europe Bob Lasihley said, “the Scratch Shield iPhone case is a great example of us taking a Nissan automotive technology that has had a huge impact for our customers, and then shifting the boundaries to apply it to another everyday product. We’re really excited about the possibilities provided by this technology.”