Latest iPad has battery problems?

Apple’s latest iPad has hit the shelves and is quickly selling like hotcakes. The 3 million units sold during its first week fays it all. People want the iPad.

However, as the days turn into weeks, consumers or owners of the latest device is finding out problems with the device.

The first problem to pop up was the smart covers that didn’t worked on the latest iPad. Then the heat that emanates from the bottom portion of the device. Though problems arose, analysts and individuals discarded them and considered them as minor inconveniences that they could live by.

But, another issue cropped up. People are saying that the battery meter of the latest iPad is inaccurate and provides a false interpretation of the batteries real amount.

This issue is different from other problems as this is a major issue. According to reports, the latest iPad gets an hour less run time if you unplug as soon as the battery meter hits full. The company hasn’t made any statement as to the matter.

Though gadget makers don’t advice people to overcharge their batteries, in this instance, it is much better if people do so. Overcharging the batteries of your device can result to shortened battery life.

According to Isidor Buchmann, CEO of Cadex Electronics, “It’s actually better not to charge the battery fully. If you never fully charged your iPad, the run time would be a little bit less, but you’ll keep the battery longer.”

Let’s just wait for Apple to release a statement. For now, choose the lesser evil. A longer time for using your iPad or a shorter battery life?

Merchants paid people to queue for iPad

How far would you go just for you to get your hands on the latest gadget that is taking the world by storm?

Well, in London, individuals went an extra mile by paying individuals to stand in line for them just so that they could have a piece of Apple’s latest tablet.

People desperate enough to pay their way to owning one hired persons to queue for them in their bid to circumvent Apple’s rule on iPad purchases which states that no 1 individual can buy two iPads at once.

This didn’t come as a deterrent to individuals who can afford the extra headcount.

Some believe that these individuals are going to sell the extra device on the black market for a hefty amount. This is because the iPads are only available to 10 countries as of its release.

According to one individual who hired persons to help him buy the iPad, “I hope to get around 70 iPads today. I will be sending them on to India. The guys who are queuing get 10 pounds or 20 pounds for a day’s work. This is not illegal.”

But not all those who waited in line were business minded individuals. A lot of them are genuine Apple fanatics who wanted to own the latest version of the tablet.

Heat problem on the latest iPad?

Heat is one issue that previous versions of the iPad have. As we see the dawning of the latest version, we kept our fingers crossed that the issue has already been fixed.

Unfortunately, the new one has its own heat problems. Around the Web, forums have been flooded by heating issues of the “iPad”. Though complaints have been far less compared to the previous versions, the fact that some Apple fanatics experience this problem is a major issue.

According to the forums, the heat is being conducted by the lower left corner portion of their units.

And some individuals experience having their new toys automatically shutting down and a message that reads “the iPad needs to cool down”.

The latest version of the tablet integrates both a larger battery and a faster chip. Those are two of the primary differences that differentiate it from its predecessors. Just like all other iOS mobile products, this device doesn’t have a built in fan that can cool it.

A report from Anecdotal suggests that during the launch of the iPad that this device can get a little “toasty”.

But this is nothing new as the two previous versions have the same problem. Though we thought that they have fixed the problem already.

Apple’s latest tablet is…iPad

iPad 3, iPad HD or simply iPad, Apple has yet again delivered.

Speculations before Apple unveiled its latest tablet were plenty. Will they call it iPad 3 or iPad HD. But Apple has decided to call it simply iPad.

Will this lead to confusion in the market because the iPad name is basically used as a generic term for Apple’s tablets? According to Matt Gordon, director of naming and writing for Landor Associates, “It does complicate things after the purchase. It’s also confusing with the device original iPad, down the road, as people have multiple generations of this device.”

But sticking with the name is nothing new to the California based tech company. The iPod hasn’t changed the name and even without attaching number to the name of the MP3 player even if they keep on updating the gadget.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing told reporters that to name the latest tab as iPad 3 “Would be so predictable. We’ve had many products where we’ve never used numbers. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.”

The company earns 20% of their sales from the iPad. They upgraded the latest version of the tab with a sharper screen and a much better chip.

March 7 invitation from Apple confirms iPad 3 launching?

Get rid of your iPad 2 because rumor has it that the latest iPad is going to be unveiled next week.

According to Reuters, Apple Inc. is hosting an event next Wednesday where it is expected that Apple will finally publicize their much anticipated device to protect their tablet market amidst growing pressure from the Kindle Fire and other tabs.

The media event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Fransisco where the company also revealed their previous iPads.

The invitation only event features an invite that has a partial picture of the touchscreen of a device that is similar to the iPad.

The company’s launches is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events of the calendar.

This latest version of the iPad boasts of a faster quad-core processor and a high definition screen.

Analysts is also expecting 4G capability for this iPad as to prepare itself for the technologies that telecommunication networks would be having.

According to Avi Greengart, analyst at Current Analysis, “The picture is zoomed in on an icon and I don’t see any pixels in that icon. You don’t need exceptional foresight to guess that Apple is looking at a higher resolution display.”


iPad 3 already in full production in China?

Looks like iPad aficionados need not wait a lot more further to get their hands on the latest version of this popular device.

According to a report from Bloomberg, who cited an unnamed source in their article, the latest version of this popular device is in full production in China. The latest iPad will be touting a much better screen than your normal television set, 4G capability and excellent video graphics.

Apple, Inc. has not replied to allegations being brought to their gadgets, which is not unusual for them. This latest development, if indeed true, is not going to come as a surprise since a lot of tablets were launched last week at the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas.

Samsung, one of Apple’s chief rivals, presented a handful of devices during the CES. The two have been battling it out not only in the stores but also at the courts.

Android tablets have been slicing through the iPad’s market. And with the influx of a number of new Android tablets, Apple might be wary of its competitors.

Apple’s iPad 2, their current tablet, was released about a year ago.

Apple to release a more Expensive iPad?

Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes reaffirmed their assessment that the rumored release of the third installation of the iPad could bring the prices of tablets even higher.

The website was firm in their belief that Apple will be releasing newer versions of their iPad aimed at “high-end segment” and “the midrange” while still offering their iPad 2.

They said that, “with the existing iPad 2, the Apple tablet series may cover all price-segments-from entry-level to high-end. Apple’s pricing strategy for its iPad series is crucial to the tablet market. It remains to be seen at what price level Apple will set its entry-level iPad. For Wi-Fi-only models, U.S. $299, U.S. $349 or U.S. $399 may all be possible.”

There used to be a $299 iPad before. It was Apple’s first generation tablet and only sold at fire sale prices through other carriers after they released their latest version which is the iPad 2.

After the subsequent rise of Apple’s tablets, rivals have come upfront and challenged them. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which debuted last year, sold at $199. Though not as great as the latest iPad, it sold at half of the latter’s price. And reports have been circulating that the Fire sold over a million tablets a week last December.

Apple didn’t budge and it seems like they are not much affected by the rise of the Android tablets. Apple still sells the iPad at the same rate as they did before. Their 16GB model with Wi-Fi is pegged at $499.

Though Apple makes price cuts in their products, it is but a rare instance when they do. This includes the time when they gave a $200 discount on their original iPhone two months after its release. Then there was the $500 price off the first-gen MacBook Air.

Seven-inch tablet LCDs outsell 9.7-inch panels

A report from Taiwan’s DigiTimes claims that purchases from 7-inch panels has surpassed orders for 9.7-inch LCD panels. This indicates that smaller tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Nook tablet has increased their production.

Shipments for the smaller LCD panels reportedly grew by 17 percent in November. So does this mean that Apple is losing their thrown to its smaller competitors?

Maybe not.

The report also explains that the purchases for 9.7-inch panels have decreased as Apple is readying to migrate to their next generation iPad (iPad 3 maybe?) which are supposedly slated for release early next year. 

“As for 9.7-inch panel, due to Apple reportedly being ready to launch the next-generation iPad in the first half of 2012, the company’s purchasing of the panel for the existing model dropped in November, but may start pick up again as the company will need to prepare panels for the new models,” the report read.

But although this might be true, Apple would not be relaxing their reins still as Amazon’s tablet has definitely carved their share of users and already surpassing the millionth mark in sales.

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iPad 3 updates and iPad Mini

Since a lot are dying to know more about what the next big thing for Apple, and in this case, the iPad 3, PCWorld has compiled all rumours and speculations so far on this illusive tablet.

One of the most interesting features that the iPad 3 is said to be boasting about is the “Retina Display” which will improve the current resolution to 2024-by-1536. Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst informs CNet that production for this has begun.

As to under its hood, speculations say that this latest tablet from the Cupertino-based company will be sporting a new chip, and will probably be dubbed as the A6. Rumors on whether this new processor will be dual-core or a quad-core are still  inconclusive.

Rumors on the iPad 3’s appearance are leaning towards a thicker body said to accommodate the Retina display. Reports also say that the new tablet will have a smaller dock connector.

With the Kindle Fire’s unbelievable rise to popularity, talks on Apple releasing an “iPad mini” are also circulating the web. DisplaySearch’s Shim has said that the company has an eye on entering the 7-inch display arena, specifically the 7.85-inch screen, to compete with more affordable tablets like the Kindle. Release on this smaller version of the popular iPad is scheduled in the later part of 2012, reports say.

Can’t wait for iPad 3? Predictions on the market release of Apple’s newest eye candy vary. Richard Garner of Citi says it is slated to be launched in February while DigiTimes sets the date a month later. Linley Gwennap meanwhile says that the release will probably be on the 2nd half of 2012 due to the new processor.

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iPad 3 to be launched in February 2012

Well, at least that’s what one analyst says.

Richard Gardner, a Citi analyst, sent a research note stating that “several sources” indicates that Apple will be launching iPad 3 as much as a month earlier than the release of iPad 2 last year.

“[T]here do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining,” Gardner wrote in the note first found by the Business Insider.

According to Gardner, the iPad 3 will have twice the resolution of the iPad 2. Now considering the already-very-brilliant display of the latter, that is indeed something to look forward to.

Apple is still on the top spot when we talk of tablets, but it cannot also be denied that more affordable tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are slowly gaining popularity. If Apple will indeed be releasing their most innovative tablet technology, then the company will probably gain back whatever market share they have lost to other tablets. Of course, older versions of the iPad will have their price reduced, so more consumers can afford it.

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